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Don’t Forget to Check Your Codes!

Did you know that having incorrect or outdated CVX, MVX and VIS codes in your EHR’s immunization table can result in vaccine messages getting rejected and not transferring to patient records? Make sure to regularly review and update to ensure you have the correct codes. See here for important links: 1. CVX code table: Immunization codes sent by your EMR to FLSHOTS. 2. MVX code table: Vaccine manufacturers table. 3. Vaccine Information Statements (VIS) dates: These are the most up-to-date CDC patient vaccine information forms. To learn more, visit our live training page and sign up for the “Data Quality Report” training offered every month.

Data Quality, Reports

Let Florida SHOTS help you reconcile VFC Inventory

Vaccines for Children (VFC) participants can access the Shots Recorded Report that provides a list of vaccinations recorded corresponding to the VFC PIN. This report used on an ongoing basis can assist in ensuring that VFC vaccines are accounted for in Florida SHOTS and avoid inventory discrepancies.  Access our step-by-step guide on how to generate the report HERE. Also available in Spanish.

Training, Vaccines For Children (VFC)

LIVE Webinar: Annual Re-Enrollment for VFC Program

Providers enrolled with the Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program need to complete the annual re-enrollment within Florida SHOTS.  The enrolled provider, primary and secondary contact will receive a notification under the Florida SHOTS Task List within 60 days of re-enrollment due date.  During this webinar we will go over where to complete the required training, how to review the account information and complete the re-enrollment within Florida SHOTS. Click below to register! (EST) Tuesday, February 13, 12:30pm* Spanish Thursday, February 22, 12:00pm

Guides, Health Care Providers

2024 VFC Annual Reenrollment Training

The 2024 Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program Annual Provider Staff Training will consist of two of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) “You Call the Shots” interactive, web-based training courses. The enrollee, primary VFC coordinator, and back-up coordinator must each complete both trainings individually. Access instructions on how to complete. Also available in Spanish.

Health Care Providers, Training

Monthly Live Webinars

Florida SHOTS offers “New User and Refresher Overview” and “Data Quality Reports” live webinars each month.  Whether you need a basic overview to start using the registry or need to ensure your data is successfully uploading to Florida SHOTS, these webinars will provide step-by-step instructions on how to successfully complete the functions. Click on the date to register! (EST) New User and Refresher Overview: Tuesday, January 30, 12:00pm Data Quality Reports: Thursday January 25, 12:30pm

Health Care Providers, Local Organization Administrator (LOA)

LIVE Webinar: Florida SHOTS Account Maintenance

Each organization enrolled with Florida SHOTS has at least one user designated as a Local Organization Administrator (LOA) to manage their account. During this webinar, we will review the various features that LOAs have access to ensure their Florida SHOTS account is up to date! Topics include upcoming user account updates and managing your Personnel List (adding/terminating/activating user access). Click below to register! (EST) Tuesday, January 23, 12:30pm Thursday, January 25, 12:30pm* SPANISH Wednesday, January 31, 12:00pm

Health Care Providers, Training

Florida SHOTS Live Webinar: Reconciling Your VFC Inventory

Accurately maintaining your Vaccines for Children (VFC) inventory is vital to your participation in the program and avoid errors that could be costly for your practice. During this live webinar, we will demonstrate how to complete inventory adjustments to report wasted/expired vaccines, and generate the Shots Recorded Report to touch on the most common errors that cause inventory discrepancies.  Click on the below date (in EST) to register. Tuesday, December 12, 12:00pm

Data Exchange, Data Quality

Florida SHOTS: Accuracy Counts!

Find your way back to quality data If your office participates in data exchange through your electronic health records (EHR), it’s important to regularly monitor and ensure that your data is delivered as timely and accurately as possible. Don’t know where to begin to check for errors and warnings? We’re here to help! Join our monthly Data Quality Webinars for step-by-step training to verify that your vaccine records are uploading properly into Florida SHOTS. Data Quality Training Florida SHOTS provider training is free, online, and self-paced. Participate in live trainings, watch recorded webinars, or consult training guides to learn how to properly monitor data upload.

Health Care Providers, Training

Florida SHOTS Live Webinar: VFC Vaccine Order Overview

Whether you are new to placing Vaccines for Children (VFC) vaccines or just need a refresher, we've got you covered! During this webinar we will demonstrate an overview on how to place vaccine orders and review tools to assist with inventory reconciliation. Click on the below date (in EST) to register. Tuesday, November 14, 12:30pm* Spanish Wednesday, November 29 12:00pm

COVID-19, Data Quality

Bivalent mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Are No Longer Authorized

The bivalent Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines are no longer authorized for use in the United States. To minimize the risk of vaccine administration errors, providers should: Remove all bivalent mRNA COVID-19 vaccines from storage units immediately, even if they are not expired. Once all inventory is fully accounted for, adjust bivalent mRNA COVID-19 vaccines from the available vaccine inventory in Florida SHOTS as wastage. Follow the instructions on how to complete adjustments. The instructions are also available in Spanish. Dispose of all bivalent mRNA COVID-19 vaccine vials in accordance with current regulations.