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Managing immunizations has never been easier or more secure.



Parents & Guardians

Keeping track of your child’s shot record has never been easier. 

  • Download certification of immunization (DH Form 680)
  • Required shots for school/child care 
  • Find immunization and VFC providers in Florida SHOTS 

Schools & Child Care Centers

The easiest way to manage your records and immunizations required for attendance. 

  • Florida SHOTS enrollment 
  • Required shots for school/child care 
  • View the Quick Tips Guide 

Healthcare Providers

Retrieve new patient records, update patient data, and create and print electronic DH Form 680s. 

  • Florida SHOTS enrollment
  • Training options
  • Data exchange and meaningful use requirements 


 Significantly increase your record-keeping efficiency with Florida SHOTS. 

  • Florida SHOTS enrollment
  • Web-based training options 
  • Data exchange and meaningful use requirements

Software Providers

Give your clients the power they need to better manage immunization records.

  • Download data exchange specifications
  • View certification levels and participants
  • Complete the Web Services Questionnaire for EHRs

Enroll Today:

Healthcare Providers

Apply online and receive confirmation within 3 business days.

Schools & Licensed Child Care Providers

Apply online for view-only access. (School nurses who administer vaccines may apply for full access.)

Parents & Children

No enrollment required! Simply ask your participating doctor to issue an electronically certified DH Form 680.

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