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How do we add a service site to our Florida SHOTS account?

Contact your Implementation Specialist and provide the site name, full address, phone number, contact, and site identifier.

What HL7 versions does the state accept?

Florida SHOTS accepts versions 2.5.1 and greater.

Where can we find the error log files on those patient records that our office uploaded to Florida SHOTS?

The log files are available by selecting Transaction Statistics from the Task List in the left menu panel of your Florida SHOTS account. This will allow you to review what has been uploaded to Florida SHOTS and determine if there are any problems with the data that the registry is receiving.

Download the How to Generate and Understand the Upload Log Report for more information, or contact Post-Implementation Specialist Whitney Hachem at or 813.351.0213, for free training on accessing and reviewing log files.

When can I expect to receive my log files?

Log files are prepared immediately after processing the messages.

How often does Florida SHOTS process files after my office uploads them?

Web services data exchange messages are processed in real-time.

How can our office get retrained on sending our shots from our EHR?

Contact Post-Implementation Support for additional training.

If our software does not have a data exchange linkage or interface, who should I contact for assistance?

Diane McLeod is the Florida SHOTS Technology Field Rep who works with medical software companies to develop these linkages.

Contact her at 813.270.9785, or at

Where do I find the most recent CVX codes and VIS publication dates?

The CVX and VIS information is maintained on the CDC's website.