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Help is Available!

Did you know that at the top of every screen there’s a  “Help Text” icon? Click on it to show (or hide) detailed information about each page and helpful tips! You can also find the icon beside many text fields. When clicked on, the help text will drop-down to appear at the top of the page with an explanation of those criteria fields highlighted in yellow.

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2024 Florida SHOTS Survey

Florida SHOTS is conducting an online survey open to all Florida SHOTS participants. Your feedback can help assess what’s working and what we can continue to improve upon. Take the survey HERE.

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Maintaining an Accurate Personnel List

Users designated as Local Organization Administrators (LOAs) for the organization’s Florida SHOTS account are responsible for maintaining an accurate and current Personnel List. This includes terminating users who are no longer associated with the organization or no longer need access. Learn how to terminate user accounts and other responsibilities in our “Quick Tips for Local Organization Administrators” guide or videos on

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Florida SHOTS User Profile Review

When a user logs in to Florida SHOTS, they will be directed to their User Profile page, where they must provide a valid email address for future communications and indicate one or more Service Sites where they work. Users will be given some grace period to complete the information on the profile page. If the information is not completed after the grace period, the user’s access to Florida SHOTS functionality will be restricted until the missing profile information is provided. See our new short video for step-by-step instructions!

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Adding Records for Multiple Births

Twins? Triplets? Or more? When adding these new records, make sure to mark ‘Birth Event Outcome” and “Birth Order" on the Patient Identification screen. We are seeing a large number of multiple births being erroneously merged and it is very difficult to unmerge these types of records. To prevent problems, remember to enter birth outcome and order when a record is created!

Data Quality, Health Care Providers

Duplicate Patient Records

Duplicate patient records take time, effort, and resources to correct. You can prevent duplicates and ensure the accuracy of your data. Be complete. More detail is always better—including mother, father, guardian names and birthdates, twin status, and social security numbers helps the system find the correct match. Be correct. Always use full, legal names instead of nicknames, and enter compete addresses. Be current. Enter the most recent phone numbers and addresses in Florida SHOTS or in your EHR so that patient records are up-to-date. Florida SHOTS users can contact our help desk at 877-888-SHOT (7468) to merge the patient records. The request must come from a provider (not a patient) to merge.