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Posts in June 2024

Local Organization Administrator (LOA), Tech Tips

Florida SHOTS LIVE Webinar: Updates for Local Organization Administrators

Local Organization Administrators (LOA) are responsible for managing the organization’s personnel within Florida SHOTS. During this webinar, we will review the important User Confirmation update to maintain system security and include managing your Personnel List (adding/activating/ending user access). Click on the below date (in EST) to register. Thursday, June 27, 12:00pm

Guides, Reports

Florida SHOTS Reminder/Recall

The Reminder/Recall report within Florida SHOTS helps you identify any of your patients who are due or overdue for vaccines. This is a perfect tool for this time of year to get your pediatric and adolescent patients caught up before the back-to-school rush. You can access the step-by-step instructions on how to generate HERE. Also available is Spanish.

Flu, Guides

Flu Vaccines Expiring

With the end of the current flu season coming up, flu vaccines will be expiring and will need to be manually removed from your VFC vaccine inventory in Florida SHOTS. You can find instructions for completing this adjustment, reporting, and requesting a mailing label for any unpunctured vials or unused syringes. Download in English or Spanish.