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  • Jan

    During this webinar we will be discussing Florida SHOTS functions for EVERY patient encounter. You are probably very familiar with using the system for well-visits and back-to-school physicals, but we want to stress the importance of utilizing the registry at every visit to check vaccination status to never miss an opportunity to vaccinate. We will review how to check the patient’s immunization status, record administered/historical vaccines and generate the Immunization History Report for your patients.


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    Thursday, January 6, 12:30pm

    Wednesday, January 12, 12:30pm * Spanish

    Wednesday, January 19, 12:00pm

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  • Dec

    With holidays approaching please note that the help desk will be unavailable the dates below.

    Christmas: 12/23/21 and 12/24/21
    New Year’s Day: 12/30/21 and 12/31/21

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  • Dec

    Immunization Section updates for Vaccines for Children/Vaccines for Adults (VFC/VFA) providers. It does not apply to COVID-19 vaccine shipments.

    • All providers can now place orders for flu vaccine using Florida SHOTS.
    • Holiday Vaccine Shipping and Ordering:
      • Orders placed after December 13th may not be shipped prior to January 1, 2022.
      • Vaccine will be shipped up to December 16th but will not be shipped from December 17th through December 31, 2021. Regular vaccine shipments will resume on January 3, 2022.
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  • Dec

    During this live webinar, we will review the functionality and tools to help you accurately maintain your VFC/COVID-19 vaccine inventory. We will demonstrate how to accept Pending Receipts, and complete inventory adjustments to report wasted/expired vaccines. We will also review the Shots Recorded Report to touch on the most common errors that can cause inventory discrepancies.


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    Tuesday, December 7, 12:30pm

    Wednesday, December 15, 12:30pm* Spanish

    Thursday, December 16, 12:00pm

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  • Nov

    From time to time, you may come across duplicate patient records in Florida SHOTS. Did you know there are a few things you can do to prevent them from ever being created?

    Providing full names, up-to-date addresses, and completing as many fields as possible allows Florida SHOTS to cross-reference information and update existing records.  Also, remember to click on “Release Patient Record” when you’re done to prevent locked records and uploading errors.

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  • Nov

    Prior to completing the annual re-enrollment within Florida SHOTS for the COVID-19 Program; the enrollee, primary coordinator, and back-up coordinator must each complete a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) “You Call the Shots” interactive, web-based training course. Our new guide takes you through the steps for completing training and obtaining the required course certificate. Access the guide HERE.

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