Florida SHOTS Now Supports 2D Barcode Scanning

Make Data Entry Quicker and Easier Than Ever!

Florida SHOTS now supports scanning of 2D barcodes found on vaccine products, VIS forms, and driver's licenses. Scanning these 2D barcodes allows users to easily add patient demographics and vaccine information within patient records.

With a compatible scanner*, you can scan the barcode on a patient’s driver’s license and a patient search will automatically be performed. Additionally, to help with documenting vaccine administration, you are able to scan the vaccine barcode (on the vial or single dose syringe), or the VIS form barcode.

If your office is interested in utilizing this feature, check out our Quick Tips for 2D Barcode Scanning Guide. This guide offers step-by-step instructions and information to get your office up and running using the 2D barcode functionality within Florida SHOTS.


*Barcode readers must support the “PDF417” standard and “GS1 DataMatrix” standard to properly function for these features.

Ordering VFC Flu Vaccines

Vaccines for Children (VFC) participants can now order flu vaccines in Florida SHOTS. Please keep in mind that you will need to contact the VFC Program if you did not pre-book or would like to order more doses than the quantity listed on the ‘Doses Available’ column. Our guide will take you step by step on how to submit order and is also available in Spanish.

Shots Recorded Report Guide

Vaccines for Children (VFC) participants can access the Shots Recorded Report that provides a list of vaccinations recorded corresponding to the VFC PIN for specified date range.  This report used on an ongoing basis can assist in ensuring that VFC vaccines are accounted for in Florida SHOTS and avoid inventory discrepancies.  Our guide will take you step by step on how to generate and can access HERE.

Florida SHOTS Helps Boost Immunization Coverage!

Florida SHOTS has several resources available and one of them is the Reminder/Recall that can help you boost immunization levels in your practice.  This report shows a list of your pediatric and adolescent patients who are due or overdue for required and recommended immunizations.  Access our step-by-step guide in English or Spanish.

NEW Guides Available for Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program Providers

Check out our new 2020 VFC Annual Provider Staff Training Instructions guide that includes detailed steps for completing the required Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s “You Call the Shots” interactive training courses. There’s also the Order Inventory Worksheet to learn how to create a worksheet within Florida SHOTS to assist with counting your vaccines and recording “Doses administered” on your VFC order request.

UPDATED Vaccine Utilization Report Guide

The Vaccine Utilization Report guide has been updated to reflect recent enhancements. This report provides your organization’s vaccine usage information that has been entered either manually or uploaded from your EHR during a specified time period.

Download the updated version! English or Spanish

Give Parents Access to Their Child’s 680 Form

Creating electronically certified DH680 forms can be a big timesaver for you and your patients. By electronically certifying within Florida SHOTS, you not only save a copy that is accessible to schools and daycares, but you can create a Parent PIN that allows parents/guardians to print the form for themselves.

Click HERE to access our step-by-step guide to make sure your office is ready for the school rush!  Access the Spanish guide HERE.

Vaccine Education Encounters Guide for CHD Users

Check out our newest step-by-step guide that will provide instructions for county health departments (CHD) to document vaccine education encounters with parents/guardians requesting Religious Exemption Form DH681 within Florida SHOTS, as indicated on the DOH Immunization Section guidelines. Available HERE and in Spanish.