Documenting Observations and Adverse Events

Adverse events, contraindications, and precautions for certain vaccines should be documented in the patient’s Florida SHOTS record.  You can find updated instructions on how to document these HERE.

Electronically Certified DH680 Form

Healthcare providers can generate and electronically certify DH680 forms in Florida SHOTS and attach a PIN to allow parents/guardians to access the form. The form is legal and valid in the state of Florida for admittance to schools and daycare facilities and may be printed on standard white paper.  Click HERE to access our step-by-step guide to create electronically certified DH680 forms. 

Order Inventory Worksheet

Order Inventory Worksheet

The “Order Inventory Worksheet” is designed to assist private provider users with preparing the information necessary for creating an order request via the "Order Requests" function. Vaccines shown on the worksheet include vaccines that were in the selected PIN’s inventory at some point during the selected date range, plus other vaccines which are available to order. Use the worksheet to take a physical count of vaccines on hand and to record doses administered.

Select a VFC PIN, enter an “Inventory As-Of-Date” value, and click the “Submit” button to create the “Order Inventory Worksheet” for the provider.

For providers who participate in multiple vaccination efforts (such as 'VFC/PED', 'Adult' or ‘COVID-1’), select the effort which corresponds to the vaccines being ordered.  Access our step-by-step guide HERE. Also available in Spanish.

COVID-19 Recall Report

COVID-19 Vaccine Program participants have the COVID-19 Recall Report available within Florida SHOTS to identify patients that are due or overdue for second dose.  Our guide will take you step by step on how to generate and can access HERE.  Available in Spanish HERE.

UPDATE: Inventory Adjustment for COVID-19 Vaccine

Florida SHOTS has been updated to allow providers to go into their inventory and adjust the expiration dates to the correct one for their COVID-19 vaccines. The easy-to-follow steps on how to complete the adjustment can be accessed HERE.

You can now also complete inventory adjustments for expired COVID-19 vaccines that are in your inventory with the 12/31/2069 expiration date.  Access instructions HERE and in Spanish HERE.

COVID-19 Vaccine Ordering

COVID-19 Vaccine Program participants can place their COVID-19 vaccine orders using Florida SHOTS. Please keep in mind the following information:

• COVID-19 vaccine is shipped in multi-dose vials containing 6 doses (Pfizer- BioNTech), 5 doses    

   (Janssen), 10 and 14 doses (Moderna).

• Please ensure that sufficient storage space exists to properly store and handle vaccine:  

   ultracold (Pfizer), conventional frozen (Moderna) or refrigerated (Janssen). Vaccines are

   shipped in the following minimum quantities: Pfizer 450 and 1170 doses; Moderna 100 and

   140 doses; Janssen 100 doses.

• The Pfizer 450 pack will not include the dry ice recharge shipped separately but will still be

    provided for the 1170 pack.

• When ordering the Pfizer 450 pack, providers will need to indicate on the order page which

   type of ancillary kit they need. One choice will be a pediatric kit which will only contain 1-inch

   administration needles. The second choice will be an adult kit which contains a mixture of 1

   inch and 1 ½ inch administration needles.

• Providers should only order what they need as orders can be placed more than once in any

   given month. Providers should be mindful of vaccine expiration dates when maintaining an

   accurate COVID-19 vaccine inventory.

• Boost doses are no longer automatically ordered for providers. Providers will need to place

   these boost dose orders in Florida SHOTS.

Access our step-by-step guide on how to place the COVID-19 vaccine order HERE.