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tech tips

Duplicate Patient Records

Duplicate patient records take time, effort, and resources to correct. You can prevent duplicates and ensure the accuracy of your data.

Be complete. More detail is always better—including mother, father, guardian names and birthdates, twin status, and social security numbers helps the system find the correct match.

Be correct. Always use full, legal names instead of nicknames, and enter compete addresses.

Be current. Enter the most recent phone numbers and addresses in Florida SHOTS or in your EHR so that patient records are up-to-date.

Florida SHOTS users can contact our help desk at 877-888-SHOT (7468) to merge the patient records. The request must come from a provider (not a patient) to merge. 

Avoid Duplicate Records

From time to time, you may come across duplicate patient records in Florida SHOTS. Did you know there are a few things you can do to prevent them from ever being created?

Providing full names, up-to-date addresses, and completing as many fields as possible allows Florida SHOTS to cross-reference information and update existing records.  Also, remember to click on “Release Patient Record” when you’re done to prevent locked records and uploading errors.

Importance of Ethnicity in Patient Records

Florida SHOTS is working to determine and identify underserved areas for COVID-19 vaccination across the state. One of the ways we can do this is by healthcare providers recording patient demographics and including ethnicity. To assist in this important effort, it is now required to record ethnicity by indicating "HISPANIC OR HAITIAN ORIGIN" as Yes; Enter "NOT HISPANIC OR HAITIAN ORIGIN" as No; Enter "UNKNOWN" as U.

Since many patients are returning for their 2nd COVID-19 vaccine dose, this is an opportunity to record that data and upload it into Florida SHOTS and we will update the demographics for patients who were missing it previously.  

Florida SHOTS Help Desk Holiday Hours

With holidays approaching, please note that the Florida SHOTS Help Desk will be unavailable during the dates below.

Christmas: 12/24/20 and 12/25/20

New Year’s Day: 12/31/20 and 1/1/21

Vaccine Education Encounters Guide for CHD Users

Check out our newest step-by-step guide that will provide instructions for county health departments (CHD) to document vaccine education encounters with parents/guardians requesting Religious Exemption Form DH681 within Florida SHOTS, as indicated on the DOH Immunization Section guidelines. Available HERE and in Spanish.

Newsletter Now Available!

To access the latest updates from your Florida SHOTS team, check out the current issue of the electronic newsletter, “SHOTS Tracker,” which is now available for download in English or Spanish.

Unlocking Patient Records

Local Organization Administrators can unlock patient records that have been locked by a user within their organization. To do so, click on “Clear Patient Token” under “Patients” in the sidebar menu. Enter the patient’s Florida SHOTS record ID and click on “Retrieve Patient Info” and click on “Force Token Release” to complete and clear the lock. For more information, check out our updated “Quick Tips for Full Access Accounts” guide HERE.

Documenting History of Varicella Disease

Florida SHOTS uses “Observations” for documenting contraindications and precautions to receiving certain vaccinations.  To access step-by-step directions for documenting history of varicella disease (chickenpox) in the patient record click HERE to download! Also available in Spanish HERE.

Preventing Duplicate Records

We understand duplicate records can take time, effort, and resources to correct. When entering data into the registry or your EHR, more detail is always better—including a patient’s possible twin status, the names and birthdates of the mother/father/guardian(s), as well as any available social security numbers. If you come across duplicate records, please call our help desk at 877- 888-SHOT (7468), and our staff will be happy to help you merge them.

Reminder for Local Organization Administrators

The Local Organization Administrator (LOA) is the individual(s) designated by the Florida SHOTS applicant to manage system access for other users within the organization. They are responsible for managing access to Florida SHOTS when users’ employment begins, is

terminated, or if access rights need to change. Remember that all users are required to maintain patient confidentiality and the responsible authorized individual is accountable for any and all access to Florida SHOTS.

Click HERE to access the guide to walk you through how to complete updates to the Personnel List in Florida SHOTS. Also available in SPANISH.