LIVE Webinar: Managing Your VFC/COVID-19 Inventory

Accurately maintaining your Vaccines for Children (VFC)/COVID-19 vaccine inventory is vital to your participation in the program. During this live webinar, we will demonstrate how to complete inventory adjustments to report wasted/expired vaccines, and generate the Shots Recorded Report to touch on the most common errors that can cause inventory discrepancies.  We will also review the Aging Vaccine Report to identify vaccines that have expired or will be expiring.


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• Wednesday, March 8, 12:30pm

• Thursday, March 16, 12:30pm *Spanish

• Thursday, March 30, 12:00pm

VFC/VFA/COVID-19 Annual Re-enrollment UPDATE

Enrolled providers with the Vaccines for Children (VFC), Vaccines for Adults (VFA) and/or COVID-19 Vaccines Program now need to login to Florida SHOTS to submit the re-enrollment.  In the past, the primary or secondary contacts could login and the enrolled provider would simply enter their password to submit it.  

Access our step-by-step guide on how to complete the VFC re-enrollment HERE.

2023 VFC/VFA/COVID-19 Annual Re-enrollment Training

The Immunization Section's VFC/VFA/COVID-19 Annual Provider Staff Training will consist of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) "You Call the Shots” interactive, web-based training course.  The enrollee, primary and back-up coordinators must review the required module(s) as well as complete an evaluation and posttest. Training should be completed prior to annual re-enrollment or before your next scheduled compliance site visit, whichever comes first.

Click on a link below to learn more about how to complete your training:

Vaccine for Childrens/Vaccine for Adults 

COVID-19 Vaccine Program 


2022 Holiday Vaccine Shipping and Ordering Schedule

Immunization Section updates for Vaccines for Children/Vaccines for Adults (VFC/VFA) providers. It does not apply to COVID-19 vaccine shipments.

  • All providers can now place orders for flu vaccine using Florida SHOTS.
  • Holiday Vaccine Shipping and Ordering:
  • Orders placed after Friday, December 9th may not be shipped prior to January 3, 2023.
  • Vaccines will be shipped up to December 20th. Shipping will occur on December 27th and 28th.
  • Vaccines will not be shipped from December 29th through January 2, 2023. Regular vaccine shipments will resume on January 3, 2023.

Florida SHOTS Live Webinar: VFC FAQS

We understand that users may have questions about specific Vaccines for Children (VFC) functions within the Florida SHOTS. During this webinar, we will review how to add/edit calibration certificates to your vaccine storage units, add VFC function access to user accounts, complete inventory adjustments, and address inventory discrepancies during the ordering process.


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Thursday, November 3, 12:30pm

Tuesday, November 8, 12:30pm * SPANISH

Wednesday, November 16, 12:00pm

Vaccines for Children (VFC) Flu Vaccines

Influenza vaccines are being shipped to providers who completed the seasonal pre-book in Florida SHOTS. If you did not pre-book, you may contact the VFC Program at [email protected] to request doses be placed in pre-book for you. Please include your VFC PIN. Flu vaccine orders will not be available for ordering in Florida SHOTS, but the order status can be tracked on your Order Requests page.

Once all providers have received half of their pre-book flu vaccines, the remaining vaccine doses should be requested through Florida SHOTS by using the Order Requests page. At that time, those providers who did not pre-book may request flu vaccines. Instructions for submitting your order can be found HERE. Also available in Spanish.

Florida SHOTS Live Webinar: Placing VFC and COVID-19 Vaccine Orders

Whether you are new to placing Vaccines for Children (VFC) or COVID-19 vaccine orders, or you just need a refresher, we've got you covered! During this webinar we will demonstrate how to place vaccine orders. Additionally, we'll review the Shots Recorded Report to assist with inventory reconciliation.

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Florida Flu Pre-book 2022-2023 Opened

The 2022-2023 flu pre-book opened in FL SHOTS on July 1, 2022. Only the enrollee, primary VFC coordinator or back-up VFC coordinator can enter the pre-book information into FL SHOTS. We recommend you review your administration data from the current flu season to determine the number of doses to pre-book for 2022-2023. 

Why should a provider pre-book flu doses?

  • Pre-booking flu doses ensures that providers will begin receiving flu vaccine doses as soon as it is available to the VFC Program. 

Can a provider pick the brand of vaccine they prefer?

  • No, providers will only be able to pre-book the number of single dose syringes (SDS), multi-dose vials (MDV) or single dose sprayers they need. Brand will be determined by the VFC program and availability.

Which manufacturers will be available to providers?

  • GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Sanofi Pasteur, AstraZeneca, and Seqirus flu vaccines will be provided for 2022-2023. The vaccine will ship as it becomes available to the VFC Program.

Is Flu-Mist available for the 2022-2023 flu season?

Yes, Flu-Mist is available for pre-book.

Access guide with instructions on how pre-book vaccine in English and Spanish.

Florida SHOTS LIVE Webinar: Managing Expired/Wasted Vaccines

Expired/wasted Vaccines for Children (VFC)/COVID-19 vaccines need to be manually removed from your inventory in Florida SHOTS.  With the end of the current flu season coming up, we will demonstrate how to complete adjustment to remove expired flu vaccines from your inventory, report, and request mailing label.   We will also go over the Aging Vaccine Report that identifies vaccines that have expired or will be expiring.


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Thursday, June 9, 12:30pm

Wednesday, June 15, 12:30pm*Spanish

Tuesday, June 21, 12:00pm

UPDATED 2022 VFC/COVID-19 Annual Re-enrollment Training Guide

The Enrollee, Primary and Back-up Coordinators for Vaccines for Children (VFC), Vaccines for Adults (VFA) and COVID-19 Vaccine Program participants will need to complete CDC’s “You Call the Shots” interactive, web-based training course. VFC/VFA participants must complete the required modules Vaccines for Children (VFC) and Vaccine Storage and Handling. COVID-19 Vaccine Program participants ONLY need to complete Vaccine Storage and Handling module.


Click on a link below to learn more about how to complete your training:

Vaccine for Childrens/Vaccine for Adults  (Available in Spanish)

COVID-19 Vaccine Program  (Available in Spanish)