COVID-19 Vaccines for 2023-2024

Ordering is now open for the 2023-2024 formula of the COVID-19 vaccine. Enrolled Vaccines for Children (VFC) and Vaccines for Adults (VFA) providers can find the available vaccines on their regular VFC and VFA order request page in Florida SHOTS. COVID-19 vaccines are no longer ordered separately from other vaccines funded by VFC or VFA.

VFC/VFA Flu Vaccine

Vaccines for Children/Vaccine for Adult providers may now place orders for flu vaccines within Florida SHOTS.

2023 VFC/VFA/COVID-19 Annual Re-enrollment Training

The Immunization Section's VFC/VFA/COVID-19 Annual Provider Staff Training will consist of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) "You Call the Shots” interactive, web-based training course.  The enrollee, primary and back-up coordinators must review the required module(s) as well as complete an evaluation and posttest. Training should be completed prior to annual re-enrollment or before your next scheduled compliance site visit, whichever comes first.

Click on a link below to learn more about how to complete your training:

Vaccine for Childrens/Vaccine for Adults 

COVID-19 Vaccine Program