LIVE Webinar: Managing Your VFC/COVID-19 Inventory

Accurately maintaining your Vaccines for Children (VFC)/COVID-19 vaccine inventory is vital to your participation in the program. During this live webinar, we will demonstrate how to complete inventory adjustments to report wasted/expired vaccines, and generate the Shots Recorded Report to touch on the most common errors that can cause inventory discrepancies.  We will also review the Aging Vaccine Report to identify vaccines that have expired or will be expiring.


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• Wednesday, March 8, 12:30pm

• Thursday, March 16, 12:30pm *Spanish

• Thursday, March 30, 12:00pm

VFC/VFA/COVID-19 Annual Re-enrollment UPDATE

Enrolled providers with the Vaccines for Children (VFC), Vaccines for Adults (VFA) and/or COVID-19 Vaccines Program now need to login to Florida SHOTS to submit the re-enrollment.  In the past, the primary or secondary contacts could login and the enrolled provider would simply enter their password to submit it.  

Access our step-by-step guide on how to complete the VFC re-enrollment HERE.

Florida SHOTS LIVE Webinar: Reports Overview

During this webinar we will review how to generate several useful reports within Florida SHOTS. These include the Reminder/Recall tool for increasing vaccine coverage among your patients, the Patient Status Report that lists all patients who have your organization as the Current Immunization Provider (CIP), the Vaccine Utilization Report which shows vaccines administered within a specified date range, and the Shots Recorded Report that generates an Excel file of vaccinations recorded corresponding to the specified VFC PIN. 


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Tuesday, February 7, 12:30pm* Spanish

Wednesday, February 15, 12:00pm

Keep Your Data on the Right Track

Using incorrect or outdated CVX codes in your immunization records can lead to rejected uploads. Reference the Vaccine Information Table to make sure your codes are current, including all COVID-19 vaccines. You can find the table posted with the Florida SHOTS training guides Bookmark or download the table today!

Data Quality Training

Florida SHOTS provider training is free, online, and self-paced. Participate in live trainings, watch recorded webinars, or consult training guides to learn how to properly monitor data upload.



2023 VFC/VFA/COVID-19 Annual Re-enrollment Training

The Immunization Section's VFC/VFA/COVID-19 Annual Provider Staff Training will consist of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) "You Call the Shots” interactive, web-based training course.  The enrollee, primary and back-up coordinators must review the required module(s) as well as complete an evaluation and posttest. Training should be completed prior to annual re-enrollment or before your next scheduled compliance site visit, whichever comes first.

Click on a link below to learn more about how to complete your training:

Vaccine for Childrens/Vaccine for Adults 

COVID-19 Vaccine Program 


Florida SHOTS LIVE Webinar: Patient Record Overview

During this webinar we will provide an overview of some of the most common features of a patient record within Florida SHOTS. Topics will include updating a patient's record status, check immunization status, and generate the Immunization History Report for the patient. We will also demonstrate the Reminder/Recall report that shows a list of your patients who are due or overdue for any vaccines.


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Wednesday, January 11, 12:30pm

Thursday, January 19, 12:30pm* SPANISH

Tuesday, January 31, 12:00pm

Florida SHOTS Live Webinar: Assessing Immunization Coverage Levels

Now is a great time to utilize the tools within Florida SHOTS to assess immunization coverage levels for all childhood and adolescent vaccinations in your practice. During this webinar, you will learn everything you need to know to generate your personalized assessments including the Survey Report, Summary Report, IQIP Report and the Patient List Report.

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Florida SHOTS: Accuracy Counts

Double check your data before liftoff

Florida SHOTS is only as useful as the data that's in it. Do your part to keep our database error free; always double check to make sure your manual entries and uploads are complete.

Data Quality Training

Florida SHOTS provider training is free, online, and self-paced. Participate in live trainings, watch recorded webinars, or consult training guides to learn how to properly monitor data upload.



NEW Florida SHOTS FAQ Videos

We understand you are busy and need quick, on-demand training options for common functions in Florida SHOTS. You can now access under 5-minute video in both English and Spanish covering frequently asked questions.  We will be adding new topics each month.

Florida SHOTS Live Webinar: Placing VFC and COVID-19 Vaccine Orders

Whether you are new to placing Vaccines for Children (VFC) or COVID-19 vaccine orders, or you just need a refresher, we've got you covered! During this webinar we will demonstrate how to place vaccine orders. Additionally, we'll review the Shots Recorded Report to assist with inventory reconciliation.

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