May 2022

May 2022

  • Florida SHOTS LIVE Webinar: Patient Record Review

    During this webinar we will provide an overview of a patient record within Florida SHOTS to assist you in managing your patients. Topics will include updating a patient's active/inactive status, reviewing immunization status, and generating an Immunization History Report and DH680 form for the patients. We will also demonstrate the Reminder/Recall report that shows a list of your patients who are due or overdue for any vaccines.


    Click on the below date (in EST) to register.

    Tuesday, May 10, 12:30pm* Spanish

    Thursday, May 19, 12:00pm

  • Duplicate Patient Records

    Duplicate patient records take time, effort, and resources to correct. You can prevent duplicates and ensure the accuracy of your data.

    Be complete. More detail is always better—including mother, father, guardian names and birthdates, twin status, and social security numbers helps the system find the correct match.

    Be correct. Always use full, legal names instead of nicknames, and enter compete addresses.

    Be current. Enter the most recent phone numbers and addresses in Florida SHOTS or in your EHR so that patient records are up-to-date.

    Florida SHOTS users can contact our help desk at 877-888-SHOT (7468) to merge the patient records. The request must come from a provider (not a patient) to merge. 

  • UPDATE: Shelf-Life Extension for Select Pfizer Products

    The Food & Drug Administration has approved an amendment to the EUA for Pfizer Tris COVID-19 vaccine extending the shelf-life of the following Pfizer product formulations from 9 to 12 months:

    • Pfizer Tris Pediatric vaccine (Orange Cap for ages 5 through 11, with diluent)

    • Pfizer Adult Tris (Gray Cap for ages 12+, no diluent)

    Vials stored consistently in an ultra-low temperature freezer at -90oC to -60oC (-130oF to -76oF) may remain in use for up to 12 months beyond the date of manufacture printed on the vials and cartons. Vials stored in refrigerated vials (2oC to 8oC) are NOT eligible for extension, regardless of the expiration date. Additional information on Pfizer storage and handling may be found at Administration Overview for Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine | CDC.

    Pfizer Orange and Gray Cap Tris Vaccine expiry dates based on 12 months from the date of the manufacture are shown below and at Expiry Information for Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccines.


    Printed Manufacturing Date                   12-Month Expiry Date

    06/2021                                                               31-May-2022

    07/2021                                                               30-Jun-2022

    08/2021                                                               31-Jul-2022

    09/2021                                                               31-Aug-2022

    10/2021                                                               30-Sep-2022

    11/2021                                                               31-Oct-2022

    12/2021                                                               30-Nov-2022

    01/2022                                                               31-Dec-2022

    02/2022                                                               31-Jan-2023

    03/2022                                                               28-Feb-2023


    For more information, please review the updated FDA Factsheets:

    Fact Sheet for Healthcare Providers Administering Vaccine (Gray Cap/Adult)

    Fact Sheet for Healthcare Providers Administering Vaccine (Orange Cap/PEDS)

    COVID-19 vaccines authorized under an EUA do not have fixed expiration dates, and expiration dates may be extended as more stability data is collected. Always check Expiry Information for Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccines to obtain the most up-to-date expiration dates for the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines you have in inventory.

  • Florida SHOTS Reminder/Recall

    The Reminder/Recall within Florida SHOTS helps you identify those patients who are due or overdue for all or specific vaccines and print mailing labels.  This is a perfect tool to try to get your pediatric and adolescent patients before the back-to-school rush.  You can access the step-by-step instructions on how to generate HERE.  Also available is Spanish.