October 2021

October 2021

  • Florida SHOTS Live Webinar: COVID-19 Vaccine Overview

    During this webinar we will provide a Florida SHOTS overview for participants enrolled with the COVID-19 Vaccine Program. This includes placing a vaccine order, accepting shipment of vaccines, documenting administered vaccines, and completing inventory adjustment for unused doses. We will also review how to generate the NEW Patient COVID Status Report that provides a list of all your patients who have received the COVID-19 vaccine and includes details of patient demographics, administering provider information, and next due date (if applicable).


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    Thursday, October 7, 12:30pm

    Wednesday, October 13, 12:30pm *Spanish

    Wednesday, October 20, 12:00pm

  • Florida SHOTS Live Webinar for Data Upload Participants

    We encourage data upload participants to check your Upload Log Reports to ensure that your vaccine records are uploading properly to the registry. In this new monthly webinar, our Florida SHOTS data upload team will cover everything you need to know to monitor your uploads for errors, review your transaction history, and make sure your records are complete, current, and correct.

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    Wednesday, October 20, 2:00pm

    Thursday, October 28, 12:30pm

  • NEW Training Guide: COVID-19 Patient Status Report

    Access easy to follow steps on how to generate the NEW COVID-19 Patient Status Report. Provides easy to follow instructions on how to generate a file listing of all patients for which your organization is the Current Immunization Provider (CIP) along with their COVID-19 vaccinations details, their current status (active, inactive, etc.), and patient demographics.  Download HERE.

  • Unverified data leads to inaccurate records.

    Patient memory isn’t perfect. When administering a COVID-19 or other vaccination, check Florida SHOTS first to make sure it’s the right dose.   While you’re there, help us keep Florida SHOTS free of inaccurate data. Only upload immunization records that can be verified immediately with an official source, such as a vaccination card.