May 2021

May 2021

  • Florida SHOTS LIVE Webinar: Keep Your Patients on Track

    As your patients return for check-ups, make it a priority to get them back on track with any vaccinations they may have missed. Florida SHOTS makes it easy to keep track of your patients’ vaccine records. During this live webinar we will review several tools in Florida SHOTS to help you protect your pediatric and adolescent patients.

    Participants will learn how to review a patient’s immunization status, electronically certify DH680 forms and generate an Immunization History Report. We will demonstrate how to generate a Reminder/Recall report to identify patients who are due, or will be due, for any childhood and adolescent vaccines.


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    Wednesday, May 5, 12:30pm

    Thursday, May 13, 12:30pm* Spanish

    Thursday, May 20, 12:00pm

  • Pre-booking COVID-19 Vaccines

    When pre-booking COVID-19 vaccines in Florida SHOTS, enrolled providers should keep in mind the following items:

    • Only the Enrollee, Primary or Back-up VFC/VFA coordinators can complete the pre-booking in Florida SHOTS.
    • COVID-19 vaccine is shipped in multi-dose vials containing 6 doses (Pfizer) 5 doses (Janssen) and 10 doses (Moderna).
    • Vaccines are shipped in the following minimum quantities: Pfizer (1170 doses); Moderna (100 doses), and Janssen (100 doses).
    • A provider who does not have the ability to vaccinate 10 patients daily, should not request the Moderna vaccine.  
    • Weekly pre-book requests should account for first doses only. If allocations are made, no further action is needed to request second doses. These will be automatically shipped when due.
    • Weekly pre-book requests close every Wednesday at 12 PM (Noon), EST.
    • Requests do not guarantee an allocation will be made.


    Refer to our step-by-step guide on how to pre-book COVID-19 vaccine in Florida SHOTS HERE



    Check the Florida SHOTS system during every patient encounter to make sure your patients are 
    up-to-date on all ACIP recommended vaccines they need to stay healthy.


    From back-to-school shots to shingles vaccines, administer all required and recommended shots
    to your patients of all ages. The “Immunization Status” page can help simplify the recommended
    immunization schedule for every patient.