July 2019

July 2019

  • Live Webinar: Back-to-School Basics

    Join us for this month’s live webinar sessions to help you prepare for the back-to-school rush! We will demonstrate searching for patients, reviewing immunization status, entering current vaccines, electronically certifying 680 forms and creating parent PIN numbers. Click below to register!

    Wednesday, July 10, 12:30pm

    Tuesday, July 16, 12:30pm* Spanish

    Friday, July 26, 12:00pm

    Click HERE to access our step-by-step guide to create electronically certified DH680 forms.  Access the Spanish guide HERE

  • VFC Vaccine Ordering Tip: Double-check Your Doses!

    Did you know that you can increase or decrease the number of vaccine doses on your regularly scheduled VFC vaccine order request? Make sure to review the “Projected Doses” on your “Doses Requested and Approved” page. This number is automatically calculated based on the number of doses you administered and how many you have left on hand, but there may be times when you need more than is projected—like back-to-school rush or other events. You can change the quantity in the “Doses Requested” field and the VFC office will review and determine if it’s approved.

  • Preventing Duplicate Records

    We understand duplicate records can take time, effort, and resources to correct. When entering data into the registry or your EHR, more detail is always better—including a patient’s possible twin status, the names and birthdates of the mother/father/guardian(s), as well as any available social security numbers. If you come across duplicate records, please call our help desk at 877- 888-SHOT (7468), and our staff will be happy to help you merge them.

  • Documenting History of Varicella Disease

    Florida SHOTS uses “Observations” for documenting contraindications and precautions to receiving certain vaccinations.  To access step-by-step directions for documenting history of varicella disease (chickenpox) in the patient record click HERE to download! Also available in Spanish HERE.