February 2018

February 2018

  • Flu Activity at Epidemic Levels

    Seasonal flu activity is on the rise, both in Florida and across the U.S. The best way to prevent flu is to get vaccinated. The VFC Program has plenty of flu vaccine available to ship immediately, and VFC staff are prioritizing the approval of these orders.  Providers will not be held responsible for flu vaccine that expires in their storage units. Login to Florida SHOTS to place your order today!

  • Maintain Your Organization’s Florida SHOTS Personnel List

    Each organization has at least a Local Organization Administrator (LOA) who has the authority to update the Personnel List, add/end user access, set permissions, and manage their organization’s Florida SHOTS account. Now is a great time to ensure that your Florida SHOTS account and Personnel List are current and correct. Check out our guide HERE for step-by-step instructions!

    If you need to add or change a Local Organization Administrator on your account, you can contact the Florida SHOTS Help Desk at 877-888-7468 to make those adjustments.