May 2016

May 2016

  • VFC Flu Doses Expire June 30th

    Remember that all seasonal flu vaccines expire June 30th each year. Be sure to adjust all VFC flu doses in your inventory in Florida SHOTS for the number of doses expired as well as for the number of doses administered. Florida SHOTS ‘Inventory Transaction History’ will indicate quantities that you have had in your inventory for all flu vaccines.
    Click on ‘Adjust Inventory:’

    1. Decrease the inventory by the number of doses that are expired from the drop-down menu and select “Expired.”
    2. Decrease the inventory by the number of doses that your office administered and select “Doses administered” from the drop-down menu.
    3. After making these adjustments, return to the Transaction History & your flu inventory should be -0-. Once all adjustments are made, proceed with the Return & Waste protocol.

    We will be hosting live trainings throughout the month of June to walk you through this as well VFC return and waste process. Sign up today!

  • Adding a New Stand-Alone Unit into Florida SHOTS

    As a reminder, all VFC providers are required to have a separate stand-alone freezer by June 30, 2016. To make the change in Florida SHOTS:

    1. Record five days of in-range temperatures on paper before storing vaccine in the unit or adding the unit to Florida SHOTS. Send this documentation as an attachment to the VFC Office by emailing it to [email protected]. Please ensure the email subject line includes your PIN number and “Manual Temperatures for New Unit.”
    2. After five days of good temperatures are recorded, log into Florida SHOTS and click on “Show Detail” to change the “Identifier” for the old unit by adding “old” (ex. 123456-refrigerator old).
    3. Enter a “Thru date” to remove it from service. This is the last day your vaccines were stored in the unit.
    4. Add a new unit using the previous identifier that matches your LogTag identifier (123456-refrigerator).
    5. Contact the VFC Program Office or your Immunization Area Consultant to enable the “import format” for the new unit.
  • Do You Know Your Patients in Florida SHOTS?

    With the release of the new “Patient Status Report,” you can now review a list of your full patient population including record status (active, inactive, etc.) and other basic details. This can help you monitor and ensure your patient population is complete, correct and current!

    We will be hosting live trainings throughout the month of May to walk you through creating your “Patient Status Report” and managing your patient population within the registry. Sign up today!