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Publicaciones en Septiembre 2023

Health Care Providers, Reports

LIVE Webinar: Reports Overview

During this webinar we will review how to generate several useful reports within Florida SHOTS. These include the Reminder/Recall tool for increasing vaccine coverage among your patients, the Vaccine Utilization Report which shows vaccines administered within a specified date range, and the Shots Recorded report that provides vaccinations recorded corresponding to the specified VFC PIN/site.  We will also review the Login/Logout Report that’s available to Local Organization Administrators to review user activity within the organization. Click on the below date (in EST) to register. Wednesday, September 20, 12:00pm

Health Care Providers, Vaccination Schedule

Florida SHOTS Reminder/Recall

The Reminder/Recall within Florida SHOTS helps you identify those patients who are due or overdue for all or specific vaccines and print mailing labels.  This is a perfect tool to try to get your pediatric and adolescent patients before the back-to-school rush.  You can access the step-by-step instructions on how to generate HERE.  Also available in Spanish.

Flu, Health Care Providers

VFC/VFA Flu Vaccine

Vaccines for Children/Vaccine for Adult providers may now place orders for flu vaccines within Florida SHOTS.