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Florida SHOTS Help Desk Holiday Hours

With holidays approaching, please note that the Florida SHOTS Help Desk will be unavailable during the dates below.

Christmas: 12/24/20 and 12/25/20

New Year’s Day: 12/31/20 and 1/1/21

We’re Here to Help!

You may be familiar with our Help Desk, but did you know Florida SHOTS has a Field Team? We’re here to help your office with everything from troubleshooting your data uploads to one-on-one trainings. Depending on your needs, the county where you are located, or the EHR software, you can find the best point of contact HERE.

We look forward to helping you get the most out of Florida SHOTS!

Proactivity prevents duplicates.

There are several ways that Florida SHOTS users can prevent duplicate patient records from happening. Always use patients’ full, legal names instead of nicknames, and be sure to enter the most recent addresses and phone numbers into Florida SHOTS (or your EHR) so that patient records are up-to-date.

If you come across duplicate records, please call our help desk at 877- 888-SHOT (7468), and our staff will be happy to help you merge them.

Minimize Duplicates to Maximize Efficiency

Duplicate patient records take time, effort, and resources to correct, but there are simple steps you can take to minimize these duplicates. When you search for a patient, if more than one patient record comes up, hover over the names to see the patient’s address and current immunization provider (CIP). Select the record that matches your patient’s information and enter and confirm as much personal information about a patient as possible (such as parent names and address). Remember to release the record as soon as you’re finished. Additionally, if you have a real-time data upload connection from your EHR/EMR to the Registry, try to avoid entering data manually.

If you discover a duplicate patient record, call the Florida SHOTS Help Desk to fix it. Never try to manipulate record information to force records to merge, since it’s very difficult to re-separate records once they are incorrectly merged.

Spring Cleaning Your Personnel List

With the changes to the DH680 form certification process, now is a great time to ensure that your Florida SHOTS account and personnel list are current and correct. In order to electronically certify and sign a 680 form, a current and clear medical license is required to be listed on the provider’s Personnel Maintenance page in Florida SHOTS. Only Local Organization Administrators (LOAs) have the authority to update the personnel list, add/end user access, set permissions, and manage their organization’s Florida SHOTS account. Check out our recorded webinar HERE for step-by-step instructions!

If you need to add or change a LOA on your account, you can contact the Florida SHOTS Help Desk at 877-888-7468 (SHOT) to make those adjustments.

Also, make sure to check the “Current Announcements” on the Florida SHOTS login page for the most up-to-date important announcements!

Florida SHOTS Compatibility with Microsoft Edge!

We are excited to announce that the Florida SHOTS registry will now be accessible using Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer versions 9+ and will not require "Compatibility View.”

As we install this update, Florida SHOTS is expected to be unavailable from 6:00PM EST, Friday, January 6 through approximately 8:00PM.

For assistance using Florida SHOTS following the maintenance period, please contact the Florida SHOTS Help Desk at 1-877-888-7468 (SHOT).

Invalid Patient Name Record Can Now Remain Unlocked

With the latest Florida SHOTS release, you no longer have to call the Help Desk each time you need to access a patient record that has a name considered as invalid (e.g., a form of “Boy” or “Test,” etc.).  The Florida SHOTS Help Desk can now complete an override to confirm that the patient record is valid and can remain open.  Please contact the Florida SHOTS Help Desk to have the override completed if you have a patient that needs it.

Missing Vaccines on Patient Form/Reports

Have you created a 680 Form or an Immunization History Report and one or more vaccines are missing? Florida SHOTS follows the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommended schedule, and any doses given outside of the acceptable intervals will be considered “invalid.” These invalid doses will be listed on the “Vaccinations” screen, but are indicated as 0* under the “Dose/Interval” column. Simply place your curser over the 0*, and you’ll see the explanation of why that dose is considered invalid. If you have any questions or feel the dose should be a valid dose, please contact the Florida SHOTS Help Desk, 877-888-7468, to speak with a nursing consultant.