Shots Retrieval

Shots Retrieval

Quickly and Easily Access Shot Records Anytime, Anywhere

The Florida SHOTS web-based immunization information system helps healthcare providers and schools save time and keep better track of patient shot records.

Getting the most out of your Florida SHOTS account is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

1 - Enroll: Visit and click “Apply online” to sign up.

2 - Train: Visit to learn how to use our tools and features at your own pace.

3 - Upload: Automatically update shot records from existing medical software with real-time data exchange. Learn how at


Effective January 1, 2021, healthcare providers will be required to enroll in Florida SHOTS and report all vaccines for patients through 17 years of age.

Keep Your Patients Up-to-Date with Reminder/Recall

Reminder/Recall is one of the many tools in Florida SHOTS that helps you boost immunization levels in your practice. Your office can create lists of patients who are due or overdue for immunizations and even create and print mailing labels. Keep track of your patients’ shots and never miss an opportunity to vaccinate! For step-by-step instructions on how to run a reminder/recall report in your office, check out our “Reminder/Recall Guide

Can’t Find a Vaccine Record that Was Uploaded?

If your office participates in data upload with Florida SHOTS and you can’t find an uploaded vaccine record, check your transaction statistics. When logged into the registry, click on “System Transactions” and then “Transaction Statistics” from the menu. You’ll be able to see all shots uploaded as well as any errors, rejections, and warnings. Checking your transaction stats also ensures your office is current in your data uploads. To learn more data upload tips, sign up HERE for the “Data Upload Log Reports” training offered the third Wednesday of every month.

Give Your Parents Access to Their Child’s 680

One of the most valuable time-saving benefits of Florida SHOTS is the ability to allow parents to access their child’s certified 680 electronically. Give your parents a PIN at their office visit, and eliminate multiple requests for 680 forms.

Here’s how:

  • Issue a PIN at the office visit.
  • Electronically certify the patient’s record within 10 days of issuing the PIN.
  • Update PINs every time a new 680 is certified.

Download the “Setting Up Patient Shot Record Retrieval” guide in English or Spanish for full instructions.