Quick Tips Guide

Quick Tips Guide

Reminder Recall Report

Take advantage of the Florida SHOTS report that’s available to identify your patients who are, have been, or will become due for various vaccinations. Access our step-by-step guide on how to generate HERE. Also available in Spanish.

Florida SHOTS Helps Boost Immunization Coverage!

Florida SHOTS has several resources available and one of them is the Reminder/Recall that can help you boost immunization levels in your practice. This report shows a list of your pediatric and adolescent patients who are due or overdue for required and recommended immunizations.  Access our step-by-step guide in English or Spanish.

Electronically Certifying DH 680 Form

Florida SHOTS allows healthcare providers to create a Certified (electronically signed) Certificate of Immunization (DH Form 680) and a PIN that will allow parents and guardians to access the certified 680. The DH 680 form is legal and valid in the state of Florida for admittance to schools and daycare facilities.

Access instructions on how to create HERE. Also available in Spanish.

Pre-booking COVID-19 Vaccines

When pre-booking COVID-19 vaccines in Florida SHOTS, enrolled providers should keep in mind the following items:

  • Only the Enrollee, Primary or Back-up VFC/VFA coordinators can complete the pre-booking in Florida SHOTS.
  • COVID-19 vaccine is shipped in multi-dose vials containing 6 doses (Pfizer) 5 doses (Janssen) and 10 doses (Moderna).
  • Vaccines are shipped in the following minimum quantities: Pfizer (1170 doses); Moderna (100 doses), and Janssen (100 doses).
  • A provider who does not have the ability to vaccinate 10 patients daily, should not request the Moderna vaccine.  
  • Weekly pre-book requests should account for first doses only. If allocations are made, no further action is needed to request second doses. These will be automatically shipped when due.
  • Weekly pre-book requests close every Wednesday at 12 PM (Noon), EST.
  • Requests do not guarantee an allocation will be made.


Refer to our step-by-step guide on how to pre-book COVID-19 vaccine in Florida SHOTS HERE

UPDATED VFC Inventory Maintenance Guide

It’s vital for Vaccines for Children/Adults (VFC/VFA) participating providers to manage VFC inventory within Florida SHOTS. Our updated guide covers the various tasks that you may need to complete to keep a current and accurate inventory. These tasks include accepting and applying your vaccines to your inventory, making vaccine transfers or adjustments due to wasted or expired vaccines. Access these step-by-step instructions HERE. Available in Spanish HERE.

Protect Your Patients from the Flu!

With flu season in full swing, take every opportunity to vaccinate against the flu with Florida SHOTS Reminder/Recall to be proactive and protect your patients. For step-by-step instructions for generating a list of pediatric/adolescent patients who have not received a flu vaccine in your office, check out our guide HERE. Also available in Spanish.

Adding Observations to Patient Records

With the latest registry release, the process of documenting history of varicella disease (chickenpox) has changed. The system now uses “Observations” for documenting contraindications and precautions to receiving certain vaccinations. Our new guide provides step-by-step directions for documenting chickenpox and includes an example scenario for meningococcal b in the patient record. Click HERE to download!

Creating DH680 Forms in Florida SHOTS

Creating electronically certified DH680 forms can be a big timesaver for you and your patients. By electronically certifying within Florida SHOTS, you not only save a copy that is accessible to schools and daycares, but you can create a Parent PIN that allows a parent/guardian to print it from home. Click HERE to access our step-by-step guide to make sure your office is ready for the school rush!  Access the Spanish guide HERE.

VFC Inventory: “Shots Recorded FAQs” Now Available

Check out our newest Florida SHOTS FAQ document containing questions and answers about the recent addition of the “Shots Recorded” column on the “VFC Order Request” page. You will see how the shots recorded totals are calculated, what may cause discrepancies between your “Doses Administered” and “Shots Recorded” columns and much more. Click HERE to view!


Updated Vaccine Type Table

We’ve recently updated our “Vaccine Type Table” guide in both English or Spanish. This table helps you select the correct vaccine type when entering vaccines into your patient records. You can also link directly to the table from the “Vaccination” menu while you are adding vaccines.