Time Savings

Time Savings

Give Parents Access to Print 680 Forms!

One of the most valuable time-saving benefits of Florida SHOTS is the ability to allow parents to save and print their child’s electronically certified 680 from their own computer. Give parents a PIN while they’re in your office and eliminate multiple requests and calls for 680 forms.

It’s easy! Here’s how:

  1. Create and issue a PIN at the office visit.
  2. Electronically certify the patient’s 680 form within 10 days of issuing the PIN.
  3. Update PINs every time a new 680 is certified.

Check out the “Setting Up Patient Shot Record Retrieval” guide for full instructions or view our recorded webinar here.

Ordered or Administered? Recording Correct Vaccines in Florida SHOTS

Florida SHOTS uses all of the CDC-approved algorithms to calculate dates due for patients’ next immunizations and dose validity, taking guesswork out of the equations. When offices enter a vaccine that was ordered but not administered—either through their EHR or manually—it throws a wrench in the math and leads to duplicate shot records. Be sure to add only administered doses into your patients’ electronic health records and Florida SHOTS to avoid duplicate hassles and ensure recall dates are correct.

Complete. Correct. Current. Florida Shots.