assessment / dosage reports

assessment / dosage reports

Documenting VFC Eligibility for Each Vaccine in Florida SHOTS

As of January 2016, all VFC providers are required to record all VFC administered vaccines in Florida SHOTS. If you use “Add Historical Vaccination Records” you will not be able to record whether the dose is a VFC vaccine. However, filling in all of the information required on the “Add a Vaccination Record” screen meets VFC auditing requirements. Following this method to enter VFC information will allow you to track your shot records and manage your VFC inventory.

Select “Add a Vaccination Record.” The system will display the “Add Vaccination Record” screen that is equipped with pull-down lists that are kept up-to-date with new vaccines added at the central registry. To display the selections, simply click the down arrow next to each box.

Screen capture of the add vaccination record system

While adding a vaccination record, make sure that you note VFC eligibility for each vaccine by selecting the correct dropdown next to “VFC Eligibility.” Specify the patient’s eligibility for receiving VFC vaccine as it applies to each vaccination. If you are vaccinating children who are not VFC-eligible, please select “Privately Insured” and ensure that VFC vaccines are not being administered to these patients.

For Private Organizations:

  • The “VFC Eligibility” field will not be displayed unless a VFC PIN number and start date are recorded for your organization/site by Florida SHOTS staff.
  • The “VFC Eligibility” field will not be displayed unless a VFC vaccine type is chosen as the vaccine to be added.
  • If your organization has recorded VFC start and end dates, the “VFC Eligibility” field will not be displayed unless the VFC PIN and start date are recorded and the vaccination date given is greater than the VFC start date and less than the VFC end date.
  • If the “VFC Eligibility” field is enabled and a patient is 18 years old or younger as of the vaccination date given, you must select a response for “VFC eligibility;” otherwise the field is optional.
  • VFC Eligible–Medicaid/MCO will default if the patient has a Medicaid ID entered.

Download “VFC Dose Accountability Quick Tips” to learn more about how to document VFC doses in Florida SHOTS.

Adolescent Immunization Coverage Assessment Arrives in 2016

New for 2016: We are updating the immunization coverage reports in Florida SHOTS to include adolescent patients! These new reports will allow you to assess your immunization coverage levels and keep your patients up-to-date for all necessary childhood and adolescent vaccinations.

Benefits of the new reports:

  • Enhanced reports for both childhood and adolescent patients
  • Providers now able to evaluate coverage for HPV, Tdap, and Meningitis, as well as all recommended and required childhood and adolescent vaccines

To learn more about the new reporting options, register now for an “Assess Your Immunization Coverage Levels” live training session.

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