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How do I get my vaccination records?

To request your vaccination records:

Option One

Ask your health care provider:

Most providers administering vaccinations use or are connected to Florida SHOTS. Your provider should be able to access Florida SHOTS and generate your Immunization History from your records.

Option Two

Ask your local county health department:

If your health care provider is not participating in Florida SHOTS, then you can contact your nearest local county health department and request your immunization history from your records. All county health departments have access to Florida SHOTS.

Option Three

Submit your request directly to Florida SHOTS:

You can request your vaccination records directly from Florida SHOTS by filling out the Florida Department of Health form – DH3203 Authorization to Disclose Confidential Information form online, electronically sign and submit it.

Request your vaccination records.

Note: This form is for use only by individuals aged 18 years and over to request their own immunization history. DO NOT use this form to request records for another individual. Each individual is responsible for their own request. Currently, records of minors (aged 17 years and below) are not available through this request portal. Please contact your health care provider or local county health department to request records for a minor.