Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Find updated and easy-to-understand answers to some of the most common questions we get from users.

About Florida SHOTS

How do I get my vaccination records?

To request your vaccination records: 

  1. Ask your healthcare provider: Most providers administering vaccinations use or are connected to Florida SHOTS. Your provider should be able to access Florida SHOTS and generate your Immunization History from your records.
  2. Ask your local county health department: If your healthcare provider is not participating in Florida SHOTS, then you can contact your nearest local county health department and request your immunization history from your records. All county health departments have access to Florida SHOTS.
  3. Submit your request directly to Florida SHOTS: You can request your vaccination records directly from Florida SHOTS by filling out the Florida Department of Health form – DH3203 Authorization to Disclose Confidential Information form online, electronically sign and submit it.

    To fill out the form online and submit, click here.

    Note: This form is for use only by individuals aged 18 years and over to request their own immunization history. DO NOT use this form to request records for another individual. Each individual is responsible for their own request. Currently, records of minors (aged 17 years and below) are not available through this request portal. Please contact your healthcare provider or local county health department to request records for minor.

How do I obtain my child's certification of immunization (DH Form 680)?

The DH Form 680 is available from your health care provider. Additionally, you may be able to download directly from your own computer. Ask your health care provider for the State IMM Id and Certification PIN of your child's DH Form 680.  Your provider may have already given you this information on a piece of paper titled: “CONFIDENTIAL GET DH 680 FORM INFORMATION.” Complete download instructions are available here.


How much does it cost to use Florida SHOTS?

There is no cost to have immunization records maintained in the system or for authorized users to access the Florida SHOTS. All usage, training, and help desk support are absolutely free.

Does the system only cover childhood vaccinations?

Florida’s immunization information system (IIS) covers all immunizations for all age groups.

Are schools and child care centers able to verify shot records online?

Florida SHOTS certified electronic signature DH Form 680 is available and accessible to any school or licensed child care center enrolled in Florida SHOTS. By Administrative Rule 64D-3.046, F.A.C., facilities can now accept electronically certified 680s from their students.

Schools and child care centers can also search and print certified form 680s without the extra step of having to contact doctors’ offices or parents for missing records.

Where can I find additional information about managing my VFC account or vaccines in Florida SHOTS?

For an overview of frequently asked questions, visit the VFC Frequently Asked Questions website. To find information specifically about functionality within Florida SHOTS, view our Guides and Recorded Webinars pages.

What records are included in Florida SHOTS?

Immunization records for patients who receive services at county health departments, or from private providers who are using the system, are included in the system. Additionally, Florida SHOTS began loading birth records from the Office of Vital Statistics in January 2003. As of that date all children born in Florida have been automatically added to the system.

Florida is an opt-out state. If a parent chooses to opt out of Florida SHOTS, his or her child’s shot records will not be accessible in the system. Parents will have to send a written request to opt a child back into the registry. Florida SHOTS provides Opt-out forms in English, Spanish, and Creole.

Is Florida SHOTS HIPAA-exempt?

Yes. The information it contains is confidential and is only available to authorized professionals via a password-protected login.

Who developed and maintains Florida SHOTS?

Florida SHOTS is a program of the Florida Health Immunization Section and is supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The system is authorized by Section 381.003, F.S.


About Data Exchange

How do we add a service site to our Florida SHOTS account?

Contact your Implementation Specialist and provide the site name, full address, phone number, contact, and site identifier.   

What HL7 versions does the state accept?

Florida SHOTS accepts versions 2.3.1 and greater. 

Where can we find the error log files on those patient records that our office uploaded to Florida SHOTS?

The log files are available by selecting Transaction Statistics from the Task List in the left menu panel of your Florida SHOTS account. This will allow you to review what has been uploaded to Florida SHOTS and determine if there are any problems with the data that the registry is receiving. Download this guide for more information, or contact Post-Implementation Specialist Whitney Hachem at [email protected] or 813 351-0213, for free training on accessing and reviewing log files.


When can I expect to receive my log files?

Log files are prepared immediately after processing the messages.


How often does Florida SHOTS process files after my office uploads them?

Web services data exchange messages are processed in real-time. Batch upload files are processed hourly within 24 hours.


How can our office get retrained on sending our shots from our EHR?

Contact Post-Implementation Support for additional training.

Does my EHR have an interface?

All participating software providers are listed on this site.


If my EHR does not have a data exchange linkage or interface, who should I contact for assistance?

Diane McLeod is the Florida SHOTS Technology Field Rep who works with medical software companies to develop these linkages.

Contact her at 813.270.9785, or at [email protected]


Where do I find the most recent CVX codes and VIS publication dates?

This information is maintained on the CDC’s website. Click here to download CVX codes. VIS publication dates can are found here.