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Our data exchange technology is your universal data solution.

Data Exchange

Data Exchange

Real-time data exchange allows immunizing providers to instantly report and manage shot data. It eliminates dual data entry and fulfills a meaningful use stage 3 public health objective.

Promoting Interoperability

Florida SHOTS data exchange allows participating healthcare providers to meet the ONC “meaningful use” immunization requirements for electronic health record (EHR) certification.

Certified Software Providers

Enhancing software packages with our data upload linkage is simple and easy, allowing clients to efficiently upload, access, and manage new and historical patient shot records.

Web Services Questionnaire for EHRs

By providing Florida SHOTS with basic information about your development capabilities and rollout timelines, we can develop web services capabilities in your EHR to allow your clients to submit real-time immunization information.


Data exchange offers a quick, easy way for health maintenance organizations (HMOs) to determine immunization coverage levels within participating providers' practices.

Data Exchange Specifications

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