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Changes to the DH 680 Form

The DH 680 form can now be printed on white or blue paper. Schools and childcare centers should accept the DH 680 form if printed on white paper. Forms may be completed by hand or printed from the Florida State Health Online Tracking System (Florida SHOTS).

View the Florida Department of Health’s official notice about these DH 680 form changes as well as guidelines to determine the validity of a DH 680 form.

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Creating 680s that Schools and Daycares Can Print

Q: I saved my patients’ shot records in Florida SHOTS but schools and daycares can’t print them out. Why is this?

A: Schools and daycares have view-only access accounts, so they are not able to certify (e-sign) the DH Form 680. To enable these organizations to print valid and up-to-date Form 680s, you must certify the forms for your patients in your office.

If you need assistance in creating the certified (e-signed) Form 680, please refer to the “User Guide” and/or in “Web-Based Training” located under “Customer Support” in Florida SHOTS. You may also call the Florida SHOTS help desk for live help at (877) 888-7468.

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Now Accepting 680 Forms on White Paper

Florida SHOTS is making immunization tracking simpler than ever before. Now electronically certified 680s can be printed on white paper just like any other document.

And when you electronically certify these records, parents, schools and daycares can access them directly, saving your office even more time.

Benefits of Using Electronically Certified 680s

  • Reminder: The doctor’s office creating the form must electronically sign the 680 form in order for it to be accessible for school, daycares and other medical providers.
  • Once created, the electronic signature 680 is kept in Florida SHOTS™. It contains all of the regular shot record information as well as certifying office information.
  • It’s easy to reprint a certified form if parents need an additional copy.
  • Certified forms will be accessible directly to schools and other medical providers that are Florida SHOTS™ participants.
  • Florida SHOTS™ participants can search for certified electronic signature 680 forms.
  • You can search for all forms certified by your organization in a specific time.

Enroll today and enjoy the freedom of electronically certified 680s.

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Patient Access to SHOT Records

Florida SHOTS is pleased to announce the development of an online Parent Portal (scheduled for fourth quarter 2010), which will allow health-care providers to give their patients direct, free, online access to their own shot records. Patients will be able to log onto the secure server at and print electronically certified copies of D.H. Form 680 from their home computers. No office visit or call is required. Start electronically certifying your 680s now in preparation for this exciting tool.

Preparing D.H. Form 680s for your patients will be easier than ever before with the Parent Portal; however, patients can only access electronically certified 680s, so it is crucial that you electronically certify every patient’s shot record. (more…)

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Producing Electronically Certified 680s

Q: How do I set Florida SHOTS preferences so our office can produce electronically certified 680s?

A: After logging into the Florida SHOTS registry, your local account administrator must select “Personnel List” under “Administration” in the left menu. On the “Personnel Maintenance” screen:

  • Set up permissions for individuals whose names will be used to electronically sign the new 680 Forms (“Certify Form 680”).
  • Set up permissions for users who will need access to issue the certified forms (“Create Certified Form 680”).
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