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  • Jan

    Have you heard about the new requirement for Vaccines for Children (VFC) providers to have at least one calibrated data logger as a backup thermometer? You can find a current list of data loggers that are compatible to use with Florida SHOTS HERE.

    If you have questions about whether your data logger is compatible with Florida SHOTS, please contact the Florida SHOTS Help Desk.

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  • Jan

    The national Area Health Education Center (AHEC) is hosting a webinar for health professionals who provide and/or promote immunizations including physicians, physician assistants and registered nurses. Topics will include the power of real-life narrative, the wealth of (mis)information, celebrity-ism, and confusion, including how to better deal with this threat to public health. The speaker is Gary S. Marshall, MD, Professor of Pediatrics, Chief, Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, University of Louisville School of Medicine. 

     Wednesday, January 10, 3:00 pm

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  • Jan

    Have you noticed discrepancies between your "Doses Administered" and "Shots Recorded" columns on your VFC Order Request? Don't worry! Join us for an upcoming live webinar to understand how these totals are calculated and how to research, correct, and prevent any inventory problems!

    Also, for offices who participate in data upload, we will also have a member of our Data Upload Team to provide steps you can take to ensure your data successfully transfers from your EHR to the registry.

    Click HERE to view the schedule and register!

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  • Dec

    Florida SHOTS has been updated to include two new vaccine types, and changes have been made to the names of some existing vaccines:

    • New vaccine type "ZOSTER (SHINGRIX)", CPT = 90750, CVX = 187
    • New vaccine type "ZOSTER UNK", CVX = 188
    • New vaccine type "HEP B (HEPLISAV-B)", CPT = 90739, CVX = 189
    • Renamed "BEXSERO" to "MEN B (BEXSERO)"
    • Renamed "TRUMENBA" to "MEN B (TRUMENBA)"
    • Renamed "IMOVAX IM" to "RABIES IM (IMOVAX)"
    • Renamed "ZOSTER VZV" to "ZOSTER (ZOSTAVAX)"
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  • Dec

    The new Vaccine Utilization Report Guide is now available, and will show you step-by-step instructions to generate this report in Florida SHOTS. The report will provide your organization’s vaccine usage information that has been entered either manually or uploaded from your EHR in Florida SHOTS for a specified time period. 

    This report may assist Vaccines for Children (VFC) providers that are having discrepancies with the “Shots Recorded” and “Doses Administered” totals when placing their VFC vaccine orders.

    You can download it in English HERE or Spanish HERE.

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  • Dec

    From upload uncertainty to interface errors, data exchange with Florida SHOTS can have its challenges. Our new monthly Data Quality Webinars are here to help your office understand how to monitor and make sure your data is delivered as timely and accurately as possible.

    These live webinars provide step-by-step instruction in how to run customized reports in Florida SHOTS to assess and troubleshoot your data. Each webinar features a Florida SHOTS Data Upload Specialist discussing common data errors seen in the registry, and providers can get answers to common questions about VFC inventory and order report reconciliation, successful data upload and processing, and avoiding outdated shot codes.

    Take advantage of our Data Quality Webinars and ensure that your data performance is on target. Click HERE to register for our next session!

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