Florida SHOTS Live Webinar: Assessing Immunization Coverage Levels

Join us for our live webinar sessions throughout February as we demonstrate how to create and interpret AFIX and custom assessment reports in Florida SHOTS to check your immunization coverage levels. These assessments are available for both pediatric and adolescent patients and include flu, HPV, and much more!

Click HERE to view the schedule and register!

How Up-to-Date Are Your Patients?

Join us for our upcoming live webinar sessions to learn how Florida SHOTS can help you assess the immunization coverage levels for your practice. Whether you want to review how well you did during the recent back-to-school rush, or are a Vaccines for Children participant and want to track the up-to-date percentages for all the necessary childhood and adolescent vaccinations, you won't want to miss this! Click HERE to view dates and register!

Don’t Forget to Register for Our Live Webinars!

Join us for our live webinar sessions this month. The private provider sessions will review how to return VFC expired flu vaccines, and County Health Department sessions will cover the “Assessing Immunization Coverage Levels” reports. Click HERE to view dates and register!