Did my data count for meaningful use attestation?

Many of the Registry users who participate in Florida SHOTS data upload are concerned about meaningful use attestation. So what’s the easiest way to tell whether your office has sent data? On the first day of each month, the registry automatically generates an email to send to email addresses that have applied for meaningful use attestation. The email tells the office whether it did or did not send data for the previous month.

If your designated office email address did not receive an email this month to confirm your office sent data or you have questions about the email you received, contact the Florida SHOTS help desk, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern, at 877-888-7468 (SHOT).

Now Available: Spanish Version of Recorded “VFC Temperature Logs” (“Registros de temperatura VFC”) Training

The Florida VFC Program will require providers to input VFC vaccine temperatures into Florida SHOTS starting January 1, 2015. Whether you prefer to learn about these new Florida SHOTS functions in English or Spanish, we have a recorded option available for you 24/7.

VFC Temperature Logs: This webinar will demonstrate all of the temperature monitoring and reporting functions within the system. Participants will learn how to enter temperatures manually as well as upload temperatures directly from a continuous temperature-monitoring device (data logger).

Registros de temperatura VFC: Este seminario en la red les mostrará todas las funcionalidades del sistema para el monitoreo y reporte de temperatura. Los participantes aprenderán como introducir manualmente los datos de temperatura, así como subir datos de temperatura directamente provenientes de un dispositivo de monitoreo constante de temperatura (data logger).