vaccine table

vaccine table

Vaccine Types Updated/Added

Florida SHOTS has been updated to include two new vaccine types, and changes have been made to the names of some existing vaccines:

  • New vaccine type "ZOSTER (SHINGRIX)", CPT = 90750, CVX = 187
  • New vaccine type "ZOSTER UNK", CVX = 188
  • New vaccine type "HEP B (HEPLISAV-B)", CPT = 90739, CVX = 189
  • Renamed "BEXSERO" to "MEN B (BEXSERO)"
  • Renamed "TRUMENBA" to "MEN B (TRUMENBA)"
  • Renamed "IMOVAX IM" to "RABIES IM (IMOVAX)"

Updated Vaccine Type Table

We’ve recently updated our “Vaccine Type Table” guide in both English or Spanish. This table helps you select the correct vaccine type when entering vaccines into your patient records. You can also link directly to the table from the “Vaccination” menu while you are adding vaccines.

Vaccine Type Table Updated!

As part of the Florida SHOTS Release 2015.8, new and more detailed Vaccine Types are being added to the system in an effort to better align with the CDC’s “CVX” coding standard. In doing so, there will be changes to the Vaccine Types in use now when documenting vaccinations.  You can view the list of affected Vaccine Types HERE or the complete and updated Vaccine Type Table HERE.