The Facts Are on Your Side!

When it comes to vaccines, fear can be strong, but the facts are more powerful.

The fact is that many childhood diseases that had been virtually eliminated have returned with a vengeance—despite the fact that they are preventable.

Measles is extremely contagious, and cases continue to spread across the country as immunization coverage levels fall due to misinformation and vaccine refusal. The MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine is safe and effective, and you can boost MMR vaccination rates one conversation at a time.

Use Florida SHOTS to help keep your patients up-to-date for all necessary childhood and adolescent vaccinations.

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Resources for Parents

Did you know that Florida SHOTS has information and tools specifically for parents and guardians? Check out our recently-updated page where parents and guardians can:

  • Download certification of immunization (DH Form 680)
  • Learn about required shots for school/child care 
  • Find the nearest county health clinic location
  • Get answers to FAQs, and more!

Florida SHOTS Training Resources

Florida SHOTS users have several training resources available, whether you are new to using the registry or just need a refresher. These resources include recorded webinars, step-by step guides, web-based training modules, and a training system which is a functional copy of the registry to practice using the different features. These resources are available 24/7! CLICK HERE TO ACCESS

Resources at Your Fingertips

We’ve developed a variety of resources that will help your practice understand, explain, and advocate for the Florida SHOTS registry. On you can print and post this flyer to let your patients and families know that their records are protected in Florida SHOTS. We also have an entire section of our site for sharing with parents — — where they can find FAQs, learn about required vaccines, and even print their child’s 680 form!

Log Tag Configuration

Have you been uploading temperature files into Florida SHOTS regularly and all of a sudden—you either can’t find the “CSV” file, or you see “Blocked because of content error?” Your Log Tag software may have been automatically updated or re-installed on your computer. To get back on track, check out the Log Tag Configuration PowerPoint to reset the correct configuration and avoid these errors. Other Log Tag resources can be found HERE.

Don’t Miss Our Upcoming Live Training Sessions

We will be going over the various reports that are available in Florida SHOTS to help you manage your patients and inventory. Click here to view schedules and register!

Data Upload Log Reports: Data upload participants are encouraged to check their Upload Log Reports in order to ensure vaccinations are uploading properly to the registry. In this webinar we will cover everything you need to know to monitor your uploads for errors and review your transaction history.

Florida SHOTS Reports: Participants will learn how to properly create, view, and print reports. Topics include: reports to view vaccine usage over specified time periods, religious exemption report, and the patient status report.

Summer Sessions

School may be out, but we’re continuing to offer live training webinars throughout the summer months to help you stay on top of VFC updates and beat the “back-to-school rush.” Click here for our upcoming schedule and register today!

Topics include:

  • Returning Expired/Wasted VFC Vaccines: This session will review the VFC process for reporting wasted and returned vaccines (including expired flu) within Florida SHOTS.
  • VFC Updates: We will cover the latest updates for the VFC program including NEW requirements for stand-alone freezers, uploading temperature logs, and reporting excursions.
  • Back-to-School Basics: We’ll discuss searching for patients, entering current vaccines, electronically certifying 680 forms, and creating parent PIN numbers.

Remember, on you can also find recorded webinars, training guides, and more—all in both English and Spanish.

New Users: Don’t Forget to Acknowledge Training!

We want to ensure all new users have the training and resources needed to get the most out of Florida SHOTS. When logging in, new users will see a task in the “Task List” directing to the “Training Resources” page where all of our training materials and links are shown. There, you will see a button to acknowledge that you’ve reviewed this information.

Screen capture that reads: "I acknowledge taking the Florida SHOTS training" with a button that reads "Acknowledge Training".

It’s as simple as that!

Need more help? See the field trainers’ contact information and county map, and feel free to contact us with any questions or for additional training requests.

Did my data count for meaningful use attestation?

Many of the Registry users who participate in Florida SHOTS data upload are concerned about meaningful use attestation. So what’s the easiest way to tell whether your office has sent data? On the first day of each month, the registry automatically generates an email to send to email addresses that have applied for meaningful use attestation. The email tells the office whether it did or did not send data for the previous month.

If your designated office email address did not receive an email this month to confirm your office sent data or you have questions about the email you received, contact the Florida SHOTS help desk, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern, at 877-888-7468 (SHOT).