duplicate records

duplicate records

New “SHOTS Tracker” Now Available Online!

Check out the current online issue of our newsletter, “SHOTS Tracker.”  In this issue, we highlight the “Current Announcement” section on the registry login page, which is the quickest way to find details about recent Florida SHOTS updates and changes. This issue also features tips on minimizing duplicate records, tech tips, and much more! You can access it here in English or Spanish.

Live Webinar: Addressing Common Challenges

Here at Florida SHOTS, we understand that you may encounter challenges when using the registry.  For our upcoming live webinar series, we will provide you with simple solutions to the most frequent questions from users across the state. For the first half of the webinar, we will cover general challenges such as logging in, duplicate records, and missing vaccines. For the second half, we'll focus on VFC-related issues including suspended orders, missing temperatures, updating the Log Tag calibration expiration date, and saving files in ".csv" format. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER We hope you will join us!

You have the POWER to take SHOTS from the past to the present

SHOTS Super Tip: Don't put off for tomorrow what you can enter today.

There’s no such thing as better late than never.

Out-of-date information can lead to more than just merge or purge confusion. Keep the data you enter into the registry current. It helps ensure accuracy, easier patient searches, and more robust data for the registry.

Florida SHOTS often receives vaccination data from multiple sources such as healthcare providers and insurance companies. Make sure your records get to the registry first to ensure they aren’t seen as duplicate entries and processed out. Current data entry leads to better clinical practices, better health, and a better Florida SHOTS registry!

Complete. Correct. Current. Florida SHOTS.