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  • Mar

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) 2019 Immunization Schedules are now available. Schedules are available for health care professionals and the general public in parent-friendly formats. Download the new schedules today!

    For health care professionals:

    For the general public in parent-friendly formats:

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  • Mar

    We understand that users with Vaccines for Children (VFC) program responsibilities may run into challenges from time to time. In our March live webinars, we have gathered a few important tips to share. These include adding new calibration certificates for thermometers, reviewing account information for VFC re-enrollment, and addressing discrepancies with “Shots Recorded” numbers during the ordering process.

    Click below to register!

    Thursday, March 7, 12:30pm

    Wednesday, March 13, 12:30pm * SPANISH

    Wednesday, March 27, 12:00pm

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  • Feb

    Check out our current issue of our online newsletter, “SHOTS Tracker.” In this issue, we highlight the importance of checking immunization status at every patient encounter.  

    You can access it here in English or Spanish.

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  • Feb

    A recent determination by the Florida Department of Health regarding patient non-participation (“opt-out”) in Florida SHOTS indicates that it may be necessary to delete the patients records of those opted-out from the immunization registry. Be aware that immunization records for some of your patients who opted-out may no longer be available to you through Florida SHOTS. However, immunization information in your electronic medical record will not be affected.

    We are attempting to contact adult patients and parents of children and adolescent patients who may have elected to opt-out of Florida SHOTS, to give them the opportunity to rescind that election and participate fully in Florida SHOTS. Please encourage any patients or parents of your patients who may be affected by this recent development to respond to our mailing as quickly as possible, and to elect to keep their immunizations on file with the Department of Health and in Florida SHOTS.

    After 3/1/19, a search for a patient with an opt-out status will result in the following message:

    This patient has requested non-participation in Florida SHOTS; no immunization information is available on this individual.

    For those opted-out:

    • After 3/1/19, no provider - including the patient’s Current Immunization Provider - will have access to any pre-existing vaccination information in the Florida SHOTS registry. All immunizations, exemptions, contraindications, etc., will be removed and entering a new record for that patient will not be possible.

    For patients choosing to opt back into Florida SHOTS:

    • If opting-in is done before the date of record removal, there is a Department of Health form they may complete and provide to the Florida SHOTS help desk. Any prior record of vaccines, previously allowed entry into the registry, will be accessible.
    • If they choose to opt-in after the date of record removal, they may do so; however, a new record must then be created, requiring the provider to have physical proof of all immunizations before they are added.

    Should the patient choose to remain opted-out, it is recommended they maintain physical documented proof of immunizations. After 3/1/2019, opted-out patients may be asked to show proof of immunizations by physicians, schools, daycare centers, etc., and Florida SHOTS will no longer provide this information.


    We ask that, should you become aware of any patients currently “opted-out” from Florida SHOTS, you please ensure they are aware of this policy and exactly what it entails.

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  • Feb

    Does your office participate in data exchange through your EHR? Every month we offer “Data Quality Reports” webinars to help your office verify that your vaccine records are uploading properly into Florida SHOTS. Our Data Quality Specialist provides step-by-step training for running customized reports to review and troubleshoot your uploads.

    Providers—especially Vaccines for Children (VFC) participants—can benefit from getting answers to common questions about inventory reconciliation, successful data upload and processing, and preventing errors in the first place! Sign up for either of our next monthly “Data Quality Reports” webinars below:


    Wednesday, February 20, 2:00pm

    Thursday, February 28, 12:30pm

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  • Feb

    For providers who use MicroDAQ LogTag data loggers, please note that the LogTag Analyzer software versions 2.5 and 2.6 are no longer compatible with the LogTags. If you are still using one of these versions, please update your software by following the directions on their website here: https://www.microdaq.com/florida and download the 2.8.9 version.

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