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  • Apr

    Accurate data in Florida SHOTS leads to easier reporting, more efficient workflow, and better patient care. Real-time data exchange allows for instant shot data processing and reporting. It also eliminates duplicate data entry—reducing the chance for errors.

    Remember: as of June 30, 2019, all data exchange participants will be required to use real-time interfaces. If you aren't already using real-time data exchange, check with your software provider about switching as soon as possible.

    For more information or a personalized data quality analysis, contact our Data Quality Specialist: Gretchen Cotter: (786) 271-6453 or [email protected]



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  • Apr

    From January 1 to March 21, 2019, 314* individual cases of measles have been confirmed in 15 states. CDC is asking for healthcare workers’ help to ensure that all patients are up-to-date on MMR vaccine. When it comes to vaccinations, parents trust the expertise of their doctors and nurses more than anyone else. Explain to patients that MMR vaccine is the best protection against measles infection.

    What Should Clinicians Do?

    • Discuss the importance of MMR vaccine with parents. Listen and respond to parents’ questions. When parents have questions, it does not necessarily mean they won’t accept vaccines. Sometimes, they simply want your answers to their questions.
    • Use Florida SHOTS to ensure all patients are up-to-date on measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine.
      • Children need 2 doses of MMR: one dose at 12 to 15 months and another dose at 4 to 6 years.
      • Before any international travel, infants 6 to 11 months need 1 dose of MMR vaccine, children 12 months and older need 2 doses separated by at least 28 days, and teenagers and adults who do not have evidence of immunity against measles need 2 doses separated by at least 28 days.

    For more information, including guidelines for patient evaluation, diagnosis, and management, visit: https://www.cdc.gov/measles/hcp/index.html

    *Case count is preliminary and subject to change.

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  • Apr

    By July 1, 2019, all data uploads will be moving to real-time web services. With web services, uploads occur automatically, so as soon as Florida SHOTS receives the records from your electronic health record (EHR), the shots are processed immediately! This means your office can instantly create and print the DH Form 680 and immunization history forms without duplicate data entry.

    If your office is currently using a “batch” process to upload your immunizations, make sure to contact your software provider to ask about real-time and bi-directional web services, as Florida SHOTS will no longer accept batch files after June 30, 2019. Your EHR company will need to move to real-time web services for your shots to upload and post.

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  • Apr

    We've heard from Florida SHOTS users across the state and during our live webinars this month we will address a few of the most frequently requested topics. We will review and demonstrate how to add/end staff access, generate a Reminder/Recall report, create a 680 Form, and address duplicate records.

    Click below to register!

    Thursday, April 4, 12:30pm

    Tuesday, April 9, 12:30pm* Spanish

    Wednesday, April 17, 12:00pm

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  • Mar

    Talk to your patients about the importance of sticking to the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) schedule.

    When parents have questions and concerns about their family’s health, they look to you. Make sure your patients know the facts when it comes to the risks and benefits of vaccines and always encourage them to stick to the ACIP schedule.

    Visit flshots.com or thepowertoprotect.org for resources and guidance to help keep your patients on track. For more information, call 877-888-7468 (SHOT).                                                                     

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  • Mar

    Florida SHOTS offers monthly “Data Quality Reports” webinars to help your office verify that your vaccine records are uploading properly into Florida SHOTS. Our Data Quality Specialist provides step-by-step training for running customized reports to review and troubleshoot your uploads.

    Providers—especially Vaccines for Children (VFC) participants—can benefit from getting answers to common questions about inventory reconciliation, successful data upload and processing, and preventing errors in the first place! Sign up for either of our next monthly “Data Quality Reports” webinars below:


    Wednesday, March 20, 2:00pm

    Thursday, March 28, 12:30pm


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