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  • Jul

    Join us for this month’s live webinar sessions to help you prepare for the back-to-school rush! We will be demonstrating how to electronically certify the DH 680 form, create a Parent PIN that gives access to the parent/guardian to print 680 form from their personal computer, as well as the recent changes to the registry.

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  • Jun

    Florida SHOTS recently made several updates and enhancements as part of release 2018.2. To view a summary of the changes, CLICK HERE.

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  • Jun

    We understand there may be times that you may need to edit a vaccine record that has been either manually entered or uploaded into Florida SHOTS. You can download our new step-by-step guide HERE. Also available in Spanish.

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  • Jun

    When it comes to vaccines, fear can be strong, but the facts are more powerful.

    The fact is that many childhood diseases that had been virtually eliminated have returned with a vengeance—despite the fact that they are preventable.

    Measles is extremely contagious, and cases continue to spread across the country as immunization coverage levels fall due to misinformation and vaccine refusal. The MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine is safe and effective, and you can boost MMR vaccination rates one conversation at a time.

    Use Florida SHOTS to help keep your patients up-to-date for all necessary childhood and adolescent vaccinations.

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  • Jun

    School may be out, but we’re continuing to offer live training webinars throughout the summer months to help you stay on top of your VFC inventory and beat the “back-to-school rush.” In June, we will focus on “Returning Expired/Wasted VFC Vaccines” to review the process for reporting wasted and returned VFC vaccines (including expired flu) within Florida SHOTS.

    And, as always, we will host our monthly “New User and Refresher Overview” webinar for new users or those who need a refresher and “Data Quality Reports” for data upload participants to ensure that your vaccine records are uploading successfully.

    Click HERE to view the schedule and register!

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  • May


    The usefulness of Florida SHOTS depends on the quality of its data. A simple data entry mistake can initiate a cascade of negative consequences for your practice and even your patients. Accurate data is critical to nearly every aspect of the registry — from 680 forms to VFC inventory accountability to immunization coverage assessments. Avoid confusion by double checking that your records are correct. This simple step can help prevent unnecessary delays and ensure patients get the vaccinations they need.

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