LogTag Recalibration: Manual Temperature Entry

If you sent your LogTag thermometer for recalibration, VFC will give you temporary access to enter your temperatures manually into Florida SHOTS. When adding temperatures, make sure to click on the “Add Temp Reading” link for the unit instead of “Add Missing Temp Reading.” This will prevent adding a “missing temperature” excursion by mistake.

Also, feel free to contact the VFC Program to request your manual access to be extended if you haven’t received your Log Tag before the access expires. Check out our LogTag Recalibration FAQs HERE!

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For our upcoming live webinar sessions, we will cover one of the most important functions for Vaccine for Children (VFC) providers: vaccine ordering. We will walk you through the process of placing your regularly scheduled orders and flu vaccine pre-booking within Florida SHOTS. We’ll also review helpful tools, including the “Vaccine Utilization Report,” to assist you in your inventory reconciliation. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

The county health department (CHD) sessions will cover how to create and utilize reports that are available on Florida SHOTS, such as the physical inventory, doses administered, and vaccine utilization reports. This is a great way for new users to learn the many ways Florida SHOTS can compile information - as well as a good refresher for current staff members. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

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Recently Recalibrated Your Log Tag?

If you’ve recently recalibrated one or more of your Log Tag thermometers, make sure to also update the new expiration date within Florida SHOTS.  To do this, navigate to your refrigerator/freezer unit’s “Calibration Log,” found on the menu within the “Temperature Logs” page in Florida SHOTS. Once you see the “Calibration Log,” double click on the Log Tag line item to open the “Update Calibration Record” screen.  Enter the new calibration expiration date in the “Expiration Date” field and click on the “Change” button to save. That’s it!

Vaccines for Children 2017 Required Training Is Now Available!

Completion of this webinar is required for every Enrollee, Primary Vaccine Coordinator, and Back-up Vaccine Coordinator at each VFC location. The training provides a review of VFC policies and procedures and emphasizes the VFC program changes for 2017. You can access the training HERE.

Recalibrating Log Tag Thermometers Provided by the Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program

Calibration certificates for the VFC Log Tag Thermometers are valid for around two years before expiring. Florida SHOTS will notify your office 30 to 60 days prior to the expiration date, and you will also see a red exclamation mark next to the “Calibration Log” menu option on the “Temperature Log” page in Florida SHOTS. Click HERE to download step-by-step instructions on getting your Log Tag recalibrated.

VFC LogTag Temperature Data Logger Batteries

The approximate battery life for the LogTag thermometers is about one year of operation.  If you’ve been using your thermometers for about a year, we recommend changing the battery to prevent errors with your uploads. An extra battery was provided by the VFC office but can also be purchased anywhere that batteries are sold. The battery type is a CR2032 and you can click HERE for instructions on how to change. Once the battery is changed, dock the LogTag to re-start it. You can access other Log Tag resources HERE.

Upcoming Live Webinar Sessions

You won’t want to miss our upcoming live webinar sessions! We’ve heard from users across the state about your most common challenges with the registry, and we will go over tips and best practices to help you overcome them. We will have a specific session for VFC providers to review some of the specific challenges related to temperature logs and other VFC functions.  Click here to see our schedule and register today!

Valuable Reports at Your Fingertips!

Ever wonder how many VFC-eligible shots your office administered? With Florida SHOTS you can answer that question with a few clicks. The “Vaccine Utilization Report” prints an up-to-date report that you can tailor by date, vaccine type, service location, and VFC program component.

The “Vaccine Utilization Report” captures:

  • Vaccine type
  • Date given
  • Patient demographics
  • Manufacturer and lot number
  • VFC eligibility type
  • Location
  • Service provider
  • CPT code


To access the report:

  • Go to the “Reports” menu.
  • Click on “Vaccine Utilization.”
  • Enter the date range.
  • Select vaccine type(s) desired to appear.
  • Select “Client Detail” as the “Report Format” to view and print the report.
  • Select “Excel File – downloaded” as the “Report Format” to download the report as an Excel file.
  • Click “Generate Vaccine Usage Report” to run the report.

For step-by-step instructions with screenshots on this report and other tips for entering VFC shot records into Florida SHOTS, download the “VFC Dose Accountability Quick Tips.”

Temperature Monitoring Data Logger Resources

While temperature monitoring using a continuous data logger thermometer is a VFC program requirement, using the state-supplied Log Tag thermometer isn’t the only option.

The temperature data loggers listed below meet Florida’s requirements for continuous temperature monitoring and documentation. These devices have successfully uploaded files to Florida SHOTS:

To learn more about VFC temperature monitoring, we have several training options available:

VFC Annual Enrollment in Florida SHOTS

Before completing your VFC annual enrollment, or “re-enrollment,” in Florida SHOTS, make sure your VFC personnel list is up to date. If there is a change in your site’s VFC enrollee or primary or secondary coordinator, you must fill out a new Provider Agreement Form and email it to the VFC program office at [email protected].

Once those changes have been made by the VFC staff, you can complete the process electronically within Florida SHOTS. For step-by-step instructions, view our recorded webinar here.

Remember, in order to finalize the annual enrollment process, the VFC enrollee must have a Florida SHOTS username and password so that he or she can e-sign the provider agreement.

Please have your Local Organization Administrator create a username and password as needed. If you don’t know who your Local Organization Administrator is, contact the Florida SHOTS help desk at 877-888-7468 (SHOT).

VFC enrollment questions? Contact the VFC Program via email at [email protected] or your assigned VFC Program representative’s email, or by calling 1-800-483-2543.