Florida SHOTS Summer Sessions

School may be out, but we’re continuing to offer live training webinars throughout the summer months to help you stay on top of your VFC inventory and beat the “back-to-school rush.” In June, we will focus on “Returning Expired/Wasted VFC Vaccines” to review the process for reporting wasted and returned VFC vaccines (including expired flu) within Florida SHOTS.

And, as always, we will host our monthly “New User and Refresher Overview” webinar for new users or those who need a refresher and “Data Quality Reports” for data upload participants to ensure that your vaccine records are uploading successfully.

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Florida SHOTS Live Webinar: VFC Ordering Tips and Updates

We understand VFC providers may have questions about inventory reconciliation and how Florida SHOTS calculates the projected number of doses to order. During our live training sessions in May, we will review the VFC ordering process and provide tips for maintaining accurate inventory and ensuring your office receives enough vaccines. Sign up today!

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Need Help Completing Your VFC Re-enrollment in Florida SHOTS?

Our Florida SHOTS VFC Annual Enrollment guide will take you step-by-step through how to make edits to your account and submit your re-enrollment. Only the VFC primary contact, secondary contact, or the enrollee in your office will have access to complete the re-enrollment. When your re-enrollment is due within the next 60 days, you’ll see a notification in your “Task List.”

Remember, all primary and secondary contacts and enrollees must complete the required 2018 VFC Annual Provider Staff Training HERE. Don’t forget to print your certificate and complete the survey at the end of the training!  

Flu Activity at Epidemic Levels

Seasonal flu activity is on the rise, both in Florida and across the U.S. The best way to prevent flu is to get vaccinated. The VFC Program has plenty of flu vaccine available to ship immediately, and VFC staff are prioritizing the approval of these orders.  Providers will not be held responsible for flu vaccine that expires in their storage units. Login to Florida SHOTS to place your order today!

Florida SHOTS Live Webinar: Assessing Immunization Coverage Levels

Join us for our live webinar sessions throughout February as we demonstrate how to create and interpret AFIX and custom assessment reports in Florida SHOTS to check your immunization coverage levels. These assessments are available for both pediatric and adolescent patients and include flu, HPV, and much more!

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Importance of Correct Lot Numbers

Florida SHOTS provides the “Shots Recorded” totals to VFC providers when placing VFC vaccine orders on the inventory confirmation page. This total may not always match the totals entered in the “Doses Administered” column, and in many cases this is due to the lot number not being entered correctly in the patient record. The most common errors are entering extra characters and entering the letter “O” instead zeros. 

For users who are responsible for receiving new shipments in Florida SHOTS, it’s important to compare and confirm the lot numbers in the registry and on the actual vaccines before applying that receipt to your VFC inventory. If there are any differences, you can edit the information in Florida SHOTS before applying the receipt to your VFC inventory. And, remember: For Pentacel, MMR, VZV and Proquad, the lot number on the box should be used.

Click HERE to see steps on how to complete the edit or HERE for Spanish.

Florida SHOTS Compatible Data Loggers

Have you heard about the new requirement for Vaccines for Children (VFC) providers to have at least one calibrated data logger as a backup thermometer? You can find a current list of data loggers that are compatible to use with Florida SHOTS HERE.

If you have questions about whether your data logger is compatible with Florida SHOTS, please contact the Florida SHOTS Help Desk.

Florida SHOTS Live Webinar: Shots Recorded Totals Overview

Have you noticed discrepancies between your "Doses Administered" and "Shots Recorded" columns on your VFC Order Request? Don't worry! Join us for an upcoming live webinar to understand how these totals are calculated and how to research, correct, and prevent any inventory problems!

Also, for offices who participate in data upload, we will also have a member of our Data Upload Team to provide steps you can take to ensure your data successfully transfers from your EHR to the registry.

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Check Before You Accept!

It’s important to carefully check your VFC shipments for correct VFC lot numbers and expiration dates against your “Pending Receipt” list in Florida SHOTS. Once the pending receipt is applied to your inventory balance you will not be able to correct these numbers. You have the option to revise the pending receipt to correct any errors before you accept the vaccines into your inventory and prevent errors in the future. If you see that the lot numbers/expiration dates on the package differ from those on the vaccines inside, please call a VFC representative at 1-877-888-7468 to assist you.

Click HERE to review how to revise the pending receipt.

Don’t Miss Our Live Webinars!

Throughout November, we will be going over the recent updates to the Florida SHOTS registry. These updates include enhancements to the “Vaccinations” page within the patient record and “Order Request” page for VFC providers including a “Shots Recorded” column displaying vaccine totals recorded in the registry. Click HERE to view the schedule and register!