data upload

data upload

Ongoing Monthly Training for Data Upload

If your office participates in data upload from your EHR, it’s important to ensure that the vaccine records are uploading properly into Florida SHOTS by checking for errors. Each month, our post-implementation specialist provides a live webinar training to walk participants through step-by-step instruction on how to run your own upload log reports to review your transaction history and identify any errors. Click HERE to register! 

Monthly Ongoing Live Webinars

Did you know that every month we offer “New User and Refresher Overview” and “Data Upload Log Reports” live webinars? Whether a user needs a basic overview to start using the registry or an office participates with data upload and needs to ensure the data is successfully uploading in Florida SHOTS, these webinars will provide step-by-step instruction on how to successfully complete the functions. Click HERE to view the schedule and register! 

Join Us for Our Live Webinars!

In our upcoming live webinar sessions “Log Tag FAQs,” we will review the most frequently asked questions regarding the Vaccines for Children Log Tags. We’ll discuss the recalibration process, restarting the Log Tag, and the configuration settings to avoid errors when uploading temperature files into Florida SHOTS. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

The county health department (CHD) sessions, “Florida SHOTS 101: Basics for CHDs” will cover the basics of navigating Florida SHOTS for CHD staff. These include: logging in, password retrieval, searching for patients, handling duplicate records, adding new patients, and using the “Immunization Status” and “Vaccination” pages. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

New Monthly Live Webinar Available for Data Upload Providers

We encourage data upload participants to check your Upload Log Reports to ensure that your vaccine records are uploading properly to the registry. In this new monthly webinar, our Florida SHOTS data upload team will cover everything you need to know to monitor your uploads for errors, review your transaction history, and make sure your records are complete, correct, and current!  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Missing Vaccine Records

If you’re a data upload participating office and you notice a patient record is missing a vaccine, it’s important to research the problem to correct it and possibly prevent future errors. There are a few possible causes, and most can be easily fixed in your software. For example, the vaccine record may have been rejected due to sending the incorrect CVX code. Or perhaps your office forgot to include the patient’s address in the file.

By running an Upload Log Report in Florida SHOTS, you can quickly determine the reason for the rejection and get it corrected. You can access the recorded webinar to learn how to run your Upload Log Report HERE.

Don’t Miss Our Upcoming Live Training Sessions

We will be going over the various reports that are available in Florida SHOTS to help you manage your patients and inventory. Click here to view schedules and register!

Data Upload Log Reports: Data upload participants are encouraged to check their Upload Log Reports in order to ensure vaccinations are uploading properly to the registry. In this webinar we will cover everything you need to know to monitor your uploads for errors and review your transaction history.

Florida SHOTS Reports: Participants will learn how to properly create, view, and print reports. Topics include: reports to view vaccine usage over specified time periods, religious exemption report, and the patient status report.

Temperature Monitoring Data Logger Resources

While temperature monitoring using a continuous data logger thermometer is a VFC program requirement, using the state-supplied Log Tag thermometer isn’t the only option.

The temperature data loggers listed below meet Florida’s requirements for continuous temperature monitoring and documentation. These devices have successfully uploaded files to Florida SHOTS:

To learn more about VFC temperature monitoring, we have several training options available:

You have the POWER to take SHOTS from the past to the present

SHOTS Super Tip: Don't put off for tomorrow what you can enter today.

There’s no such thing as better late than never.

Out-of-date information can lead to more than just merge or purge confusion. Keep the data you enter into the registry current. It helps ensure accuracy, easier patient searches, and more robust data for the registry.

Florida SHOTS often receives vaccination data from multiple sources such as healthcare providers and insurance companies. Make sure your records get to the registry first to ensure they aren’t seen as duplicate entries and processed out. Current data entry leads to better clinical practices, better health, and a better Florida SHOTS registry!

Complete. Correct. Current. Florida SHOTS.


Be your own HERO when it comes to SHOTS accuracy

When it comes to data entry, “close” won’t cut it! 

“Paperless” does not always make perfect when it comes to entering immunization records in the Florida SHOTS registry. A simple data entry mistake can create negative consequences for your patience and your patients. Prevent duplicates and other time-consuming problems by double-checking your data entry for mistakes before you hit ENTER.

Accurate data leads to better clinical practices, better health, and a better Florida SHOTS registry!’

Complete. Correct. Current. Florida SHOTS.