LIVE Webinar: Back-to-School Basics

Join us for this month’s live webinar sessions to help you prepare for the back-to-school rush! We will be demonstrating how to electronically certify the DH 680 form, create a Parent PIN that gives access to the parent/guardian to print 680 form from their personal computer, as well as the recent changes to the registry.

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Creating DH680 Forms in Florida SHOTS

Creating electronically certified DH680 forms can be a big timesaver for you and your patients. By electronically certifying within Florida SHOTS, you not only save a copy that is accessible to schools and daycares, but you can create a Parent PIN that allows a parent/guardian to print it from home. Click HERE to access our step-by-step guide to make sure your office is ready for the school rush!  Access the Spanish guide HERE.

Have Questions About the Recent DH680 Changes?

We’ve got answers! We have heard from Florida SHOTS users across the state with questions about the recent changes to the DH680 process. We have compiled a list of the frequently asked questions, and you can review these FAQs HERE.

Live Webinars: Back-to-School Basics

Are you ready for back-to-school rush? During this month’s live webinars, we will be reviewing everything to prepare you for this busy time of year. Topics will include reviewing patient immunization status, entering vaccines, certifying the DH680 form and creating parent PINs.

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Changes to Florida SHOTS, DH680 Form Creation

Florida SHOTS will undergo several changes effective June 2, 2017.  These updates include a major visual revamp of registry pages to match our public website, and compatibility with all of the most popular web browsers including Safari.

We’re also revising the creation process of the Immunization DH680 Form within the registry, so as to more efficiently comply with Florida’s statutes. You can find information on the changes to the DH680 form HERE and a list of the all the registry updates can be found under the “Current Announcement” section of the login page.

Resources for Parents

Did you know that Florida SHOTS has information and tools specifically for parents and guardians? Check out our recently-updated page where parents and guardians can:

  • Download certification of immunization (DH Form 680)
  • Learn about required shots for school/child care 
  • Find the nearest county health clinic location
  • Get answers to FAQs, and more!

Resources at Your Fingertips

We’ve developed a variety of resources that will help your practice understand, explain, and advocate for the Florida SHOTS registry. On www.flshotsusers.com you can print and post this flyer to let your patients and families know that their records are protected in Florida SHOTS. We also have an entire section of our site for sharing with parents — http://flshotsusers.com/parents-guardians — where they can find FAQs, learn about required vaccines, and even print their child’s 680 form!

Missing Vaccines on Patient Form/Reports

Have you created a 680 Form or an Immunization History Report and one or more vaccines are missing? Florida SHOTS follows the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommended schedule, and any doses given outside of the acceptable intervals will be considered “invalid.” These invalid doses will be listed on the “Vaccinations” screen, but are indicated as 0* under the “Dose/Interval” column. Simply place your curser over the 0*, and you’ll see the explanation of why that dose is considered invalid. If you have any questions or feel the dose should be a valid dose, please contact the Florida SHOTS Help Desk, 877-888-7468, to speak with a nursing consultant.

Immunization Forms at Your Fingertips

Did you know that only vaccines that are required by Florida law are recorded on a D.H. Form 680? If you would like to give your patients a complete listing of all of the vaccines they’ve received, simply print the Florida SHOTS “Immunization History Form,” which will reflect non-required shots such as meningitis and HPV vaccines. For more detail about all of the forms available, you can view our training video here.

Certifying Form 680s

To avoid delayed school or child care entry, it’s important to understand the differences in each choice on the D.H. Form 680 and provide your patients the correct version. Remember:

Part A is for patients who are up-to-date for their age and meet the age-appropriate school requirements for grades K-12; or for the 7th-grade requirements only.

Part B is for temporary medical exemptions—an expiration date is required (generally 15 days after the next scheduled appointment). If a Part B is chosen and the patient has received all the vaccinations they can for now (i.e., they are currently up-to-date), the system will pre-populate a suggested expiration date equal to 15 days after the earliest next recommended due date amongst all series that are not complete.

Part C is used for permanent medical exemptions including contraindications.

For more information, check out the “Quick Tips for Full Access Accounts” guide or view the “Creating Forms” recorded webinar.