tech tips

tech tips

Save Time with Better Data!

Florida SHOTS users and patient records are integral parts of a data universe that thrives on information. Users make a great impact by entering as much verified information as possible in a timely manner.  When each of us does our part in ensuring complete, correct, and current information, time is saved by not having to adjust inaccurate or duplicate records. This means that the correct patients get the vaccinations they need on schedule. Take the time now to save time later.


Florida SHOTS Compatibility with Microsoft Edge!

We are excited to announce that the Florida SHOTS registry will now be accessible using Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer versions 9+ and will not require "Compatibility View.”

As we install this update, Florida SHOTS is expected to be unavailable from 6:00PM EST, Friday, January 6 through approximately 8:00PM.

For assistance using Florida SHOTS following the maintenance period, please contact the Florida SHOTS Help Desk at 1-877-888-7468 (SHOT).

Missing Vaccine Records

If you’re a data upload participating office and you notice a patient record is missing a vaccine, it’s important to research the problem to correct it and possibly prevent future errors. There are a few possible causes, and most can be easily fixed in your software. For example, the vaccine record may have been rejected due to sending the incorrect CVX code. Or perhaps your office forgot to include the patient’s address in the file.

By running an Upload Log Report in Florida SHOTS, you can quickly determine the reason for the rejection and get it corrected. You can access the recorded webinar to learn how to run your Upload Log Report HERE.

Microsoft Windows 10 Users

Microsoft Windows 10 users have Microsoft Edge available for an Internet browser. Remember that Florida SHOTS is only compatible with Internet Explorer. You will need to click on the start button and choose Internet Explorer from the list of programs. More detailed browser requirements can be found at

Having VFC Temperature Log Problems? We’ve Got You Covered.

Got errors? If you receive a message that your Log Tag temperature file has failed to upload, or has been “blocked due to content errors,” don’t worry! There are simple steps you can take to find the problem and fix it.

First, always click on the “View File” button to see what’s causing the error. Most of the time, it’s as simple as having the wrong storage unit identifier listed in Florida SHOTS. Other issues could involve your software settings, Log Tag battery, or incorrect file format. Check out our troubleshooting resources to help you get back on track quickly and easily:

For providers just getting started with your data logger, make sure to check out our “Log Tag Basics” training video.

Download Tips for Florida SHOTS

Need assistance downloading files from Florida SHOTS? A small adjustment in your Internet Explorer settings may solve your downloading troubles. Make downloading these files from Florida SHOTS simple and easy: Upload Logs, Reminder/Recall, Forms, Assess Immunization Levels, and Reports.

“Download Tips” continues to be one our most popular resources for Florida SHOTS users. Click here for the most recent version.

It Might Be Time to Update Your Browser

Florida SHOTS is designed to work with Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). However, if you’re using Internet Explorer versions 7 or earlier, you may experience some problems using the registry. So make sure you’ve updated your browser to Internet Explorer version 8 or higher.

If you are using Internet Explorer 10 or Internet Explorer 11, you will have to set your browser to “Compatibility Mode” in order to log in and use Florida SHOTS. Instructions for enabling compatibility view can be found at After setting up “Compatibility Mode” in your browser, it will save that preference until the next time your computer updates the browser.

Now Available: Spanish Version of Recorded “VFC Temperature Logs” (“Registros de temperatura VFC”) Training

The Florida VFC Program will require providers to input VFC vaccine temperatures into Florida SHOTS starting January 1, 2015. Whether you prefer to learn about these new Florida SHOTS functions in English or Spanish, we have a recorded option available for you 24/7.

VFC Temperature Logs: This webinar will demonstrate all of the temperature monitoring and reporting functions within the system. Participants will learn how to enter temperatures manually as well as upload temperatures directly from a continuous temperature-monitoring device (data logger).

Registros de temperatura VFC: Este seminario en la red les mostrará todas las funcionalidades del sistema para el monitoreo y reporte de temperatura. Los participantes aprenderán como introducir manualmente los datos de temperatura, así como subir datos de temperatura directamente provenientes de un dispositivo de monitoreo constante de temperatura (data logger).