vaccination record

vaccination record

Live Webinars: Back-to-School Basics

Are you ready for back-to-school rush? During this month’s live webinars, we will be reviewing everything to prepare you for this busy time of year. Topics will include reviewing patient immunization status, entering vaccines, certifying the DH680 form and creating parent PINs.

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Changes to “Add a Vaccination Record” for Private Providers

If you are a private provider whose organization, or any of its sites, participates in one of our ordering efforts (such as the Vaccines for Children Program), you will now see a field labeled “Funding Program” when adding a current vaccine. In this field, you will need to document whether the administered vaccine was ordered through Florida SHOTS, and if so, which ordering effort is being used. Please note that the “Funding Program” field should be left at the default of “-Select-“ for vaccines from your private stock. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Can’t Find a Vaccine Record that Was Uploaded?

If your office participates in data upload with Florida SHOTS and you can’t find an uploaded vaccine record, check your transaction statistics. When logged into the registry, click on “System Transactions” and then “Transaction Statistics” from the menu. You’ll be able to see all shots uploaded as well as any errors, rejections, and warnings. Checking your transaction stats also ensures your office is current in your data uploads. To learn more data upload tips, sign up HERE for the “Data Upload Log Reports” training offered the third Wednesday of every month.

Save Time with Better Data!

Florida SHOTS users and patient records are integral parts of a data universe that thrives on information. Users make a great impact by entering as much verified information as possible in a timely manner.  When each of us does our part in ensuring complete, correct, and current information, time is saved by not having to adjust inaccurate or duplicate records. This means that the correct patients get the vaccinations they need on schedule. Take the time now to save time later.


Invalid Patient Name Record Can Now Remain Unlocked

With the latest Florida SHOTS release, you no longer have to call the Help Desk each time you need to access a patient record that has a name considered as invalid (e.g., a form of “Boy” or “Test,” etc.).  The Florida SHOTS Help Desk can now complete an override to confirm that the patient record is valid and can remain open.  Please contact the Florida SHOTS Help Desk to have the override completed if you have a patient that needs it.

Release Patient Record

Once you are done reviewing a patient record, click on “Release Patient Record” found under “Close Patient” in Florida SHOTS Patients menu to correctly release the record. Otherwise, the record can be locked for up to two hours from others accessing it and/or from live web service data submissions.

Vaccine Type Table Updated!

As part of the Florida SHOTS Release 2015.8, new and more detailed Vaccine Types are being added to the system in an effort to better align with the CDC’s “CVX” coding standard. In doing so, there will be changes to the Vaccine Types in use now when documenting vaccinations.  You can view the list of affected Vaccine Types HERE or the complete and updated Vaccine Type Table HERE.

Avoid Duplicate Records

From time to time, you may come across duplicate patient records in Florida SHOTS. Did you know that are a few things that you can do to prevent them from being created in the first place?  Remember the 3 Cs for patient records: Complete. Correct. Current.

Providing full names and up-to-date addresses and completing as many fields as possible allows Florida SHOTS to cross-reference the information and add updates to existing records. Also remember to click on “Release Patient Record” when you’re done to prevent locked records and uploading errors.

Vaccine Utilization Report Helps VFC Providers Calculate Inventory

Florida SHOTS’ Vaccine Utilization Report is especially helpful for VFC providers because it will assist you in calculating inventory by generating a list of all VFC-eligible vaccines your office administered over a certain period of time. The Vaccine Utilization Report can be accessed by clicking on “Vaccine Utilization” under the “Reports” menu in Florida SHOTS.

Screen capture of the Vaccine Utilization Report criteria system

To begin, enter the vaccination date given range and select the vaccine type(s) desired to appear on the report. You may view and print the report by selecting “Client Detail” as the “Report Format,” or you may download the report as an Excel file by selecting “Excel File – downloaded” as the “Report Format.” To run the report, click “Generate Vaccine Utilization Report.”

The report captures the following information:

  • Vaccine type
  • Date given
  • Patient demographics (i.e., name, date of birth, sex, social security number)
  • Manufacturer and lot number
  • VFC eligibility type
  • Location
  • Service provider
  • CPT code

Download “VFC Dose Accountability Quick Tips” for helpful hints about properly managing VFC vaccine and doses administered in Florida SHOTS.