April 2018

April 2018

  • Florida SHOTS Live Webinars: Reports Overview

    We are offering live training sessions throughout the month of April covering several useful reports available within Florida SHOTS. These include the Vaccine Utilization Report, which shows vaccines administered within a specified date range, the Patient Status Report, which lists all patients who have your organization as the Current Immunization Provider (CIP), and Reminder/Recall for increasing vaccine coverage among your patients. Sign up today!

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  • The Facts Are on Your Side!

    When it comes to vaccines, fear can be strong but the facts are more powerful.

    The fact is that every year 31,000 women and men are diagnosed with cancer caused by HPV infection, yet most of these cancers could be prevented by HPV vaccination.

    The HPV vaccine is a safe and easy way to protect against these cancers and is most effective if given at the recommended age of 11 or 12. Help overcome hesitations about the vaccine by strongly recommending it to parents of preteen and teen patients on the same day and in the same way you recommend Tdap and meningococcal vaccines.

    Use Florida SHOTS
    Reminder/Recall to help keep your patients on track to complete the HPV series and increase protection.

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  • 2018 Training Survey Now Open!

    Florida SHOTS is conducting its annual survey, which is open to all immunization providers through May 1, 2018. The subject of this year’s survey is Florida SHOTS Training.

    Take the survey here.