November 2016

November 2016

  • Florida SHOTS at Every Visit

    Register today to attend one of our live webinar sessions. This month’s topic focuses on the importance of making the most of every patient visit and never missing an opportunity to vaccinate. We will cover steps that users can use on a daily basis such as searching for patients, including the handling of patients with a “not permitted” name, and adding vaccines using the NEW vaccine types. REGISTER HERE

  • Vaccine Type Table Updated!

    As part of the Florida SHOTS Release 2015.8, new and more detailed Vaccine Types are being added to the system in an effort to better align with the CDC’s “CVX” coding standard. In doing so, there will be changes to the Vaccine Types in use now when documenting vaccinations.  You can view the list of affected Vaccine Types HERE or the complete and updated Vaccine Type Table HERE.

  • Release Patient Record

    Once you are done reviewing a patient record, click on “Release Patient Record” found under “Close Patient” in Florida SHOTS Patients menu to correctly release the record. Otherwise, the record can be locked for up to two hours from others accessing it and/or from live web service data submissions.