June 2016

June 2016

  • Give Parents Access to Print 680 Forms!

    One of the most valuable time-saving benefits of Florida SHOTS is the ability to allow parents to save and print their child’s electronically certified 680 from their own computer. Give parents a PIN while they’re in your office and eliminate multiple requests and calls for 680 forms.

    It’s easy! Here’s how:

    1. Create and issue a PIN at the office visit.
    2. Electronically certify the patient’s 680 form within 10 days of issuing the PIN.
    3. Update PINs every time a new 680 is certified.

    Check out the “Setting Up Patient Shot Record Retrieval” guide for full instructions or view our recorded webinar here.

  • Temperature Monitoring Data Logger Resources

    While temperature monitoring using a continuous data logger thermometer is a VFC program requirement, using the state-supplied Log Tag thermometer isn’t the only option.

    The temperature data loggers listed below meet Florida’s requirements for continuous temperature monitoring and documentation. These devices have successfully uploaded files to Florida SHOTS:

    To learn more about VFC temperature monitoring, we have several training options available:

  • Summer Sessions

    School may be out, but we’re continuing to offer live training webinars throughout the summer months to help you stay on top of VFC updates and beat the “back-to-school rush.” Click here for our upcoming schedule and register today!

    Topics include:

    • Returning Expired/Wasted VFC Vaccines: This session will review the VFC process for reporting wasted and returned vaccines (including expired flu) within Florida SHOTS.
    • VFC Updates: We will cover the latest updates for the VFC program including NEW requirements for stand-alone freezers, uploading temperature logs, and reporting excursions.
    • Back-to-School Basics: We’ll discuss searching for patients, entering current vaccines, electronically certifying 680 forms, and creating parent PIN numbers.

    Remember, on www.flshotsusers.com you can also find recorded webinars, training guides, and more—all in both English and Spanish.

  • VFC Annual Enrollment in Florida SHOTS

    Before completing your VFC annual enrollment, or “re-enrollment,” in Florida SHOTS, make sure your VFC personnel list is up to date. If there is a change in your site’s VFC enrollee or primary or secondary coordinator, you must fill out a new Provider Agreement Form and email it to the VFC program office at [email protected].

    Once those changes have been made by the VFC staff, you can complete the process electronically within Florida SHOTS. For step-by-step instructions, view our recorded webinar here.

    Remember, in order to finalize the annual enrollment process, the VFC enrollee must have a Florida SHOTS username and password so that he or she can e-sign the provider agreement.

    Please have your Local Organization Administrator create a username and password as needed. If you don’t know who your Local Organization Administrator is, contact the Florida SHOTS help desk at 877-888-7468 (SHOT).

    VFC enrollment questions? Contact the VFC Program via email at [email protected] or your assigned VFC Program representative’s email, or by calling 1-800-483-2543.