June 2015

June 2015

  • July Live Training Dates

    Your Florida SHOTS Field Trainers are continuing to offer optional live training webinars covering topics that we receive questions about in the field. Private providers, click on the links below to register your office for step-by-step instructions on the following topics! (CHD users can find sessions here.)

    Creating Forms in Florida SHOTS: In this webinar, participants will learn how to properly create, view, and print forms within Florida SHOTS. Topics include: electronically certifying the DH 680 form (Certificate of Immunization), creating a parent pin, the Immunization Clinic Record Card, the Immunization History report, viewing religious exemption forms, and the opt-out form.

    (All times listed are Eastern Time.)

    VFC Temperature Logs: The Florida VFC Program requires providers to input VFC vaccine temperatures into Florida SHOTS. This webinar will demonstrate all of the temperature monitoring and reporting functions within the system. Participants will learn how to enter temperatures manually as well as upload temperatures directly from a continuous temperature monitoring device (data logger).

    (All times listed are Eastern Time.)

    Confirmation: Once you register for a session, you will receive a confirmation email within minutes of registration that is sent from your session trainer’s email address. Check your spam or junk mailbox if you do not receive this confirmation in your inbox.

    Tech Support for Webinars: Should you encounter any technical issues while logging in or viewing your session, the toll-free “Go to Webinar” support number is 1-800-263-6317.

  • You have the POWER to take SHOTS from the past to the present

    SHOTS Super Tip: Don't put off for tomorrow what you can enter today.

    There’s no such thing as better late than never.

    Out-of-date information can lead to more than just merge or purge confusion. Keep the data you enter into the registry current. It helps ensure accuracy, easier patient searches, and more robust data for the registry.

    Florida SHOTS often receives vaccination data from multiple sources such as healthcare providers and insurance companies. Make sure your records get to the registry first to ensure they aren’t seen as duplicate entries and processed out. Current data entry leads to better clinical practices, better health, and a better Florida SHOTS registry!

    Complete. Correct. Current. Florida SHOTS.


  • Be your own HERO when it comes to SHOTS accuracy

    When it comes to data entry, “close” won’t cut it! 

    “Paperless” does not always make perfect when it comes to entering immunization records in the Florida SHOTS registry. A simple data entry mistake can create negative consequences for your patience and your patients. Prevent duplicates and other time-consuming problems by double-checking your data entry for mistakes before you hit ENTER.

    Accurate data leads to better clinical practices, better health, and a better Florida SHOTS registry!’

    Complete. Correct. Current. Florida SHOTS.

  • Starting SHOTS records is good, but finishing strong is SUPER

    The Critical Data Is In The Details

    When it comes to registry forms, well begun isn’t all the way done.

    Incomplete records lead to duplicate immunizations, and a double dose of confusion and work for you. Filling out Florida SHOTS registry fields as completely as possible will help you stay on top of lot numbers, expiration dates, and VFC inventory calculations. More importantly for patients, entering every last detail helps prevent unnecessary vaccinations and adverse events. Complete data entry leads to better clinical practices, better health, and a better Florida SHOTS registry!

    Complete. Correct. Current. Florida SHOTS.