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    Florida SHOTS is conducting an online survey open to all current and former Florida SHOTS participants.

    Florida SHOTS develops tools and training resources on an ongoing basis to help participants use the system more easily and effectively. We are asking for your feedback so that we can assess what’s working and what we can continue to improve upon.

    The survey is easy to complete and vital to helping us make Florida SHOTS an immunization information system that best meets your needs.

    Take the survey HERE.

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    The COVID-19 vaccine pre-book system opened in Florida SHOTS on 3/30/2021. Only the Enrollee, Primary VFC/VFA Coordinator or Back-up Coordinator can enter the pre-book information into Florida SHOTS. 

    We recommend you determine the number of doses based on the number of patients served by your provider site. COVID-19 vaccine is shipped in multi-dose vials containing 5 doses (Pfizer, Janssen) or 10 doses (Moderna). For example, if your office does not have the ability to vaccinate 10 patients daily, do NOT request the Moderna vaccine.

    You should also ensure that your office has sufficient storage space to store the vaccine and that the proper type of storage unit is available for ultra-cold (Pfizer), conventional frozen (Moderna) or refrigerated (Johnson & Johnson) vaccines.

    Access instructions on how to complete the pre-booking process HERE.

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    During this live webinar we will cover all the recent updates related to the COVID-19 vaccine in Florida SHOTS. Topics include reviewing your COVID-19 Vaccine Program Enrollment status, pre-booking vaccine doses, uploading the patient spreadsheet, and how to generate the COVID-19 Recall Report.


    Click below to register!

    Tuesday, April 13, 12:30pm *Spanish

    Wednesday, April 14, 12:30pm

    Thursday, April 22, 12:00pm

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    As your patients return for wellness visits and check-ups, make it a priority to get them back on track with any vaccinations they may have missed. Florida SHOTS makes it easy to keep track of your patients’ vaccine records.


    Every visit is an opportunity to protect your patients from preventable diseases. Check the Florida SHOTS system during every visit to make sure your patients are up-to-date on the vaccines they need to stay healthy.


    Boost immunization levels at your practice with Reminder/Recall. These easy-to-run reports identify patients who are due or overdue for immunizations.


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    It’s vital for Vaccines for Children/Adults (VFC/VFA) participating providers to manage VFC inventory within Florida SHOTS. Our updated guide covers the various tasks that you may need to complete to keep a current and accurate inventory. These tasks include accepting and applying your vaccines to your inventory, making vaccine transfers or adjustments due to wasted or expired vaccines. Access these step-by-step instructions HERE. Available in Spanish HERE.

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    Now more than ever, it is important to ensure that complete and accurate information is entered in Florida SHOTS for persons receiving a vaccination. Provide full names, up-to-date addresses, carefully input lot numbers, and complete as many fields as possible. This allows Florida SHOTS to provide you accurate reports to assist you to manage vaccine inventory as well as keeping your patients up-to-date with their vaccines. 

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