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  • Mayo

    Florida SHOTS will undergo several changes effective June 2, 2017.  These updates include a major visual revamp of registry pages to match our public website, and compatibility with all of the most popular web browsers including Safari.

    We’re also revising the creation process of the Immunization DH680 Form within the registry, so as to more efficiently comply with Florida’s statutes. You can find information on the changes to the DH680 form HERE and a list of the all the registry updates can be found under the “Current Announcement” section of the login page.

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  • Mayo

    The Florida SHOTS “Current VIS Dates” guide was updated to include the most recent Td vaccine information statement. The wording about talking to your doctor “if you have seizures or another nervous system problem” was removed. This precaution applies to the Tdap vaccine, but not to Td. Click HERE for our handy “Current VIS Dates” reference or HERE to download any of the Vaccine Information Statements.

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  • Mayo

    In our upcoming live webinar sessions “Log Tag FAQs,” we will review the most frequently asked questions regarding the Vaccines for Children Log Tags. We’ll discuss the recalibration process, restarting the Log Tag, and the configuration settings to avoid errors when uploading temperature files into Florida SHOTS. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

    The county health department (CHD) sessions, “Florida SHOTS 101: Basics for CHDs” will cover the basics of navigating Florida SHOTS for CHD staff. These include: logging in, password retrieval, searching for patients, handling duplicate records, adding new patients, and using the “Immunization Status” and “Vaccination” pages. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

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  • Mayo

    If you are a private provider whose organization, or any of its sites, participates in one of our ordering efforts (such as the Vaccines for Children Program), you will now see a field labeled “Funding Program” when adding a current vaccine. In this field, you will need to document whether the administered vaccine was ordered through Florida SHOTS, and if so, which ordering effort is being used. Please note that the “Funding Program” field should be left at the default of “-Select-“ for vaccines from your private stock. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

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  • Abr

    As Florida SHOTS users, we know you understand the importance of giving and tracking infant immunizations so that they stay on schedule and protected. This year, Florida SHOTS is helping to promote the CDC’s National Infant Immunization Week through posts on Florida Department of Health’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. We’re also sharing on our blog how you can provide vaccination information using your organization’s blog and/or social media accounts. 

    Topic suggestions from the CDC include: 

                • Personal experiences with vaccine-preventable diseases

                • Conversations you've had with other parents or your doctor

                • Information in the media that prompted you to learn more, etc.

                • Anything that reflects what motivated you to support childhood immunization

    To learn more about the blogathon, go to https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/events/niiw/activities/blogs.html.













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  • Abr

    If you sent your LogTag thermometer for recalibration, VFC will give you temporary access to enter your temperatures manually into Florida SHOTS. When adding temperatures, make sure to click on the “Add Temp Reading” link for the unit instead of “Add Missing Temp Reading.” This will prevent adding a “missing temperature” excursion by mistake.

    Also, feel free to contact the VFC Program to request your manual access to be extended if you haven’t received your Log Tag before the access expires. Check out our LogTag Recalibration FAQs HERE!

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