VFC Annual Enrollment through Florida SHOTS

VFC Annual Enrollment through Florida SHOTS

As of March 9, 2015, the VFC enrollee, primary or secondary coordinator is able to update their VFC information as part of the annual enrollment process within their Florida SHOTS account. The only time online or paper forms will be required is if there is a change in the VFC enrollee, the primary or secondary coordinator.

Annual enrollment reminders will now be sent to the primary coordinator’s Florida SHOTS email address for any VFC PIN that is past due or due for enrollment within the next 60 days, based on the PIN’s last enrollment date.

In order to finalize the annual enrollment process, the VFC enrollee must have a Florida SHOTS username and password so that he or she can e-sign the provider agreement. Only the enrollee can e-sign the provider agreement. Please have your Local Organization Administrator create a username and password as needed. If you do not know who your Local Organization Administrator is, contact the Florida SHOTS help desk at 877-888-7468, and press option 1.

Live Training Offered for Enrollment

Click the following links to register for live training webinars to walk you through this new enrollment process:

You may also download our enrollment guide to walk you through the process.

VFC enrollment questions? Contact the VFC Program via email at [email protected], your assigned VFC Program representative’s email, or by calling 1-800-483-2543. General VFC Program information and forms can be found on the VFC website.